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3D Tumorsphere Medium XF

Ready-to-use kit including Basal Medium and SupplementMix, 250 ml




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cell culture | mammalian: suitable

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General description

3D Tumosphere Medium XF


The 3D Tumorsphere Medium XF is a culture system developed for the standardized serial culture of cancer cell lines as tumorspheres/mammospheres. The formulation supports sustained cell proliferation allowing for serial passage of the 3D culture. Its serum-free and xeno-free formulation provides a culture environment devoid of all stimuli originating from non-defined materials.3D Tumorsphere Medium XF consists of a bottle of Basal Medium and one vial of SupplementMix. Adding the SupplementMix to the Basal Medium results in the complete medium.


All lots of the PromoCell 3D Tumorsphere Medium XF are subjected to comprehensive quality control tests using human mammary cancer cells. Each lot of PromoCell 3D Tumorsphere Medium XF is tested for the ability to support tumorsphere/mammosphere formation, proliferation and serial passage of the 3D culture. In addition, all lots of media have been tested for the absence of microbial contaminants (fungi, bacteria, mycoplasma).

Preparation Note

3D Tumorsphere Medium XF contains all growth factors and supplements. The medium does not contain antibiotics or antimycotics and is formulated for use in an incubator with an atmosphere of 5% CO2.Thaw the SupplementMix at 15 to 25°C. Aseptically mix the supplement solution by carefully pipetting up and down. Then, transfer the entire content of the SupplementMix to the Basal Medium. Close the bottle and swirl gently until a homogenous mixture is formed.

Storage and Stability

Store the Basal Medium at 4 to 8°C in the dark, store the SupplementMix at -20°C immediately after arrival. Do not freeze the Basal Medium. If stored properly, the products are stable until the expiry date stated on the label. After adding the SupplementMix to the Basal Medium, the shelf life of the complete medium is 6 weeks at 4 to 8°C. For use, pre-warm only an aliquot of the complete medium and keep the remaining medium refrigerated at 4 to 8°C.

Subculture Routine

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Storage Class Code

10 - Combustible liquids



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