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Product Services

We offer a variety of product services to meet the demands that your work requires. These services include systems and equipment installation, systems qualification, device validation, validation services, calibration and verification, and maintenance and service plans. This also includes the Emprove® Program to help you confidently navigate through regulatory requirements.

Additionally, we offer engineering facility services and lab services for pharma and microbiology testing. Our Milli-Q® Services simplify system care, extend system lifetime, and support compliance with regulatory requirements. Whatever the requirement, we’re here to support you at every step.

Calibration & Verification

Microbiological testing services such as calibration and verification are critical to enhance performance and ensure the reliability of test results. Learn more about our proposed calibration and verification services and ensure that your equipment complies with specifications to keep confidence in your test results.

Emprove® Program

Confidently speed your way through the regulatory maze and fast track your new drug to market with the Emprove® Program. High-quality products, comprehensive documentation, and superior customer support facilitate your efforts in qualification, risk assessment, and process optimization.

Maintenance & Service Plans
Maintenance & Service Plans

Browse our maintenance and service plans for Milli-Q water purification systems and our microbiology testing systems.

Microbiome Multi-omic Services
Microbiome Multi-omic Services

Our Microbiome services are offering a multi-omic approach to customers globally who would like to outsource sequencing and metabolite identification of microbiome samples and receive a comprehensive and intuitive bioinformatic data report accessible on the cloud.

Milli-Q® Services & Support for Water Purification Systems

Get experienced support for your lab water system and discover digital services that simplify system care. Our experts install, troubleshoot, validate and qualify systems, optimizing performance and lifetime.

Systems & Equipment Installation

With our installation services, our experienced engineers ensure your equipment is installed to your requirements with the highest level of efficiency. Learn more about how our experts can get your equipment up and running sooner.

Systems Qualification

Our systems qualification services ensure your systems are compliant with all applicable regulatory requirements, and performing based on your qualifications. Learn more about how we can help ensure confidence in the implementation of your new system.

Validation Services

Our validation services ensure your equipment is functioning properly and to established specifications. Learn more about how our experts can assist your teams with this critical quality assurance component.