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When it comes time to refine your early-stage products, we have several analytical tools that can be leveraged to accelerate your work. From fully characterizing the stereo-isomerism of your molecules, to advanced cell line optimization to solid form studies on your small molecule drug compounds prior to pre-clinical submission, we have a full suite available for our customers to tap into. We can even help make the screening easier by custom weighing and packaging compounds for you. And finally, when the time comes to actually scale up a molecule and optimize its yield prior to clinical testing, well, that is the main mission of SAFC Pharma® services.

Bench to Bulk Chemicals in Custom Packaging Sizes and Volumes
Bulk & Custom Services

We offer an extensive, reliable supply of production materials in bench to bulk volumes. Our custom services include quality control, testing, documentation services, chemical packaging, contract manufacturing according to your specifications. 

Bulk Powder Transfer Bags
Bulk Powder Transfer Bags

EZ BioPac® and Right Sized Weighing is a complete solution for easy and safe delivery of cell culture media and bioprocess chemicals. Our powder transfer system is designed to deliver exact weight of dry ingredients up to 100 kg and offers the right options for direct connection to your hydration vessels.

CHOZN® Cell Line Engineering & Development

Our experienced cell line engineering team can help reduce biomanufacturing costs and timelines, using our ZFN technology to provide the customized gene knockouts, gene additions or stable genetic modifications you need for high-producing CHO cell lines.

Chemiflex Critical Raw Materials
Critical Raw Materials

Our customized portfolio of high-quality critical raw materials for API synthesis supplies the solvents, reagents, documentation, and expertise you need to meet stringent regulatory requirements and mitigate risk in all aspects of small molecule drug development and manufacturing. 

Custom GMP Cell Culture Products
Custom GMP Cell Culture Products

Our custom cell culture product design experts can offer advice and support as you scale your bioprocess from clinical to commercial supply, assisting with liquid products, dry powder products, selection of raw materials, quality testing, flexible product packaging, and product documentation.

Custom HPLC Column Request
Custom HPLC Column Request

Supelco offers premium quality custom packed HPLC columns for your challenging application needs. Use this webform to order a non-stock product HPLC column from our multiple particles and chemistry options.

Custom Media Development Services
Custom Media Development Services

Our Media Development Services will identify a custom media solution that meets your objectives for cell growth, titer, protein quality profile, as well as media, feed, and perfusion requirements.

Custom MILLIPLEX® Multiplex Assays & ELISAs
Custom MILLIPLEX® Multiplex Assays & ELISAs

Accelerate your research with custom MILLIPLEX® multiplex assays and custom ELISAs designed for your specific biomarker needs. Whether you need to develop new analytes or combine existing analytes into new multiplex panels, our innovative solutions accommodate assay design and adaptation to meet your research needs.

Custom Pre-GMP Cell Culture Media
Custom Pre-GMP Cell Culture Media

Our imMEDIAte ADVANTAGE® service for pre-GMP, small scale custom media, feeds, supplements, and buffers provides the quick turn-around you need to complete your development work quicker – and accelerate your molecule to clinic sooner.

Custom SPE Tubes and 96-Well Plates
Custom SPE Tubes and 96-Well Plates

Solid phase extraction (SPE) is a technique designed for rapid, selective sample preparation and purification prior to chromatographic analysis.

To meet your analytical needs, we offer custom SPE Tubes,  96-well plates, and other formats upon request.

Custom Test Strips and Papers

Offering high-quality MQuant® and Reflectoquant® test strips, papers as well as wet chemistry items, in private labeling and customized packaging.

Customer SPME Fiber Request
Customer SPME Fiber Request

Solid phase micro extraction is a solvent-free microextraction technique for a broad range of samples and matrix. To ensure accurate and reliable testing results to meet your analytical needs, we offer custom SPME fiber configurations. These customizations include features such as phase chemistry, film thickness, needle gauge and length, and fiber core material.

GC Column
Customized GC Columns

Supelco® offers customized GC columns and packings for gas chromatography per your specifications. Get your quote now!

Custom Reference Materials from Supelco
Reference Materials

Browse for high-quality Custom Reference Materials tailored to your specific analytical applications from Supelco. Get your quote now!

Aldrich Market Select
Small Molecule Library Design (Aldrich Market Select)

Streamline the management of your screening compounds with our Aldrich Market Select online order center for small molecule libraries, comprising over 14 million chemistry building blocks and other useful services.

Floating Molecule Model
Stable Isotope Custom & GMP Products

Our Isotec® Stable Isotopes team offers custom synthesis and cGMP services to design and manufactures complex labeled chemicals for a variety of research applications.

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