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From our LANEXO® Lab Inventory, Safety, and Compliance Management System to our Synthia™ software that enables researchers to easily analyze custom organic chemistry synthetic pathways, explore our complete offering of digital platforms and software solutions.

Belysa™ Immunoassay Curve Fitting Software
Belysa Immunoassay Curve Fitting Software

Effortlessly compare calibration curves and monitor immunoassay methods by downloading our Belysa Immunoassay Curve Fitting Software that works for assays run on Luminex® and SMC platforms.

Data Management Solutions

Data Management Solutions software (formerly BSSN Software) facilitates standardization and interoperability in the laboratory by adopting open standards to make scientific data more accessible and actionable. Our software is system, vendor and measurement technique neutral, which enables integration of lab instruments with leading systems like LIMS or ELN, long-term archival of analytical and biological data, sharing of harmonized data sets, and collaboration with both internal and external colleagues.

DOZN™ Quantitative Green Chemistry Evaluator
DOZN Quantitative Green Chemistry Evaluator

Quantify the greenness of any product or process using the DOZN green chemistry tool, which uses the 12 Principles of Green Chemistry to evaluate chemicals, synthetic routes, and chemical processes.

LANEXO<sup>&reg;</sup> System
LANEXO® System

The LANEXO® Lab Inventory, Safety, and Compliance Management System is a revolutionary digital solution designed to create efficiencies, improve safety, and facilitate compliance in highly regulated analytical and research laboratories.

Millicell® Cloud Services
Millicell® Cloud Services

The Millicell® Cloud service provides a powerful tool for data hosting, organization, and analysis. Images are automatically transferred from the instrument to the cloud via Wi-Fi®. Data can then be sorted, viewed, and re-analyzed using the Millicell® Cloud, web-based application.

MyMilli-Q™ Digital Services
MyMilli-QDigital Services

Save time with our online service solutions. Log in to find contract information, plan service visits, prepare audits, contact technical support, and more.

Synthia™ Organic Retrosynthesis Software
Synthia Organic Retrosynthesis Software

SYNTHIA retrosynthesis software draws from a vast database of organic synthesis rules and algorithms to efficiently search for viable pathways to target molecules and accelerate drug discovery.

Val@M™Application for Validation Activities
Val@M Application for Validation Activites

This Val@M application provides technology to help fulfill the requirement to keep electronic records of your validation activities around our QC platforms for microbial contamination testing.

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