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Cultrex 3-D Culture Matrix Rat Collagen I

biological source




mol wt

300 kDa


5 mg/mL


cell culture | mammalian: suitable


water: miscible

shipped in


storage temp.


General description

The 3-D Culture Matrix Rat Collagen I may be used as a gel on which to grow cells or a medium additive, alone or in concert with other basement membrane components, to study cellular growth and differentiation in three dimensions in vitro. Type I Collagen is the major structural component of extracellular matrices found in connective tissue and internal organs, but is most prevalent in the dermis, tendons, and bone. It is a 300 kDa molecule composed of two alpha1(I) chains and one alpha2(I) chain that spontaneously forms a triple helix scaffold. This phenomenon can be exploited to promote cell attachment, growth, differentiation, migration, and tissue morphogenesis during development. The 5 mg/ml concentration is very viscous for researchers wanting a thicker Collagen.

Physical form

Solution in 20 mM Acetic Acid, pH 3.4 - 3.6

Other Notes

Storage Conditions and product stability: Product is stable for a minimum of 3 months from date of shipment if stored at 4°C. Do Not Freeze.
Functional Assay: 3-D Culture: Collagen I forms a gel when diluted to 0.4 mg/ml at neutral pH and promotes attachment and growth of murine endothelial SVEC4-10 cells. Cell Attachment: Tested for the ability to promote cell attachment and spreading of HT1080 human fibrosarcoma cells.
Sterility Testing: No bacterial or fungal growth detected after incubation at 37°C for 14 days following USP XXIV Chapter 71 sterility test. No mycoplasma contamination detected by PCR.Endotoxin concentrations = 20 EU/ml by LAL assay.

Legal Information

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