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Perfect Protein Western Markers

Accurate size markers detectable on any Western blot





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General description

The Perfect Protein<TMSYMBOL></TMSYMBOL> Western Markers consist of seven recombinant S•Tag<TMSYMBOL></TMSYMBOL>/His•Tag<TMSYMBOL></TMSYMBOL> fusion proteins that can be detected on any Western blot using an S-protein AP or HRP conjugate. As an additional option, the markers can also be detected with an His•Tag Monoclonal Antibody and an AP or HRP conjugated secondary antibody. The Perfect Protein Western Markers serve as precise size standards that appear simultaneously on the blot with target proteins, eliminating the uncertainty and imprecision associated with other methods.

For ease of convenience, please consider the Perfect Protein AP Western Blot Kit, or the Perfect Protein HRP Western Blot Kit. For a version containing prestained proteins for tracking electrophoresis and Western transfer, please refer to our complete listing of Trail Mix Western Markers and Blot Kits.

A.Two parallel blots were incubated with primary antibodies for an expressed protein, then incubated with Anti-Mouse IgG AP Conjugate and processed using chemiluminescent detection. The S-protein AP Conjugate was included with secondary antibody for the blot on the left. Lanes: 1, 5 l Perfect Protein Western Markers; 2, 10 ng induced cell extract; 3, 1 g uninduced cell extract.
B.Blot contains the Perfect Protein Western Markers plus purified GUS expressed in insect cells incubated with a GUS-specific monoclonal antibody, then incubated with Anti-Mouse IgG HRP Conjugate and S-protein HRP Conjugate and detected with chemiluminescent HRP substrate. Lanes: 1, 5 l Perfect Protein Western Markers; 2, 800 ng purified GUS protein.


25 lane in Plastic ampoule

Features and Benefits

• Detect markers simply by adding the S-protein(AP or HRP Conjugate) or His•Tag MonoclonalAntibody to the same incubation used forsample detection.

• S-protein conjugate (included in kits) doesnot interfere with antibodies or streptavidindetection.

• Can be used with colorimetric andchemiluminescent AP or HRP substrates.

• Recombinant, unmodified markers give sharp,accurately sized bands.

• Markers are supplied at the working dilution ingel loading buffer; concentration optimized forWestern detection.

• Protein sizes are 15, 25, 35, 50, 75, 100, and150 kDa.


Toxicity: Toxic (F)

Legal Information

NOVAGEN is a registered trademark of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany

Storage Class Code

11 - Combustible Solids



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Not applicable

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Not applicable

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