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Precursors for Atomic Layer Deposition

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Nano-layers of metals, semiconducting and dielectric materials are crucial components of modern electronic devices, high-efficiency solar panels, memory systems, computer chips and a broad variety of high-performance tools.

The technique of choice for depositing nano-films on various surfaces is Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD), which uses consecutive chemical reactions on a material’s surface to create nanostructures with predetermined thickness and chemical composition (Figure 1).

Schematic of the ALD method based on sequential, self-limiting surface reactions

Figure 1.Schematic of the ALD method based on sequential, self-limiting surface reactions.

Aldrich Materials Science offers high-quality precursors for ALD safely packaged in steel cylinders suitable for use with a variety of deposition systems.

We continue to expand our portfolio of ALD precursors to include new materials. For an updated list of our deposition precursors, please visit