High-Purity Salts

halide (chloride) salts displaying an array of color in part due to the oxidation state of the associated metals

We provide a broad range of high-purity salts, in both anhydrous salt and salt hydrate forms ranging from 99.9% to 99.999% purity by trace metals, as measured by inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS) or inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometry (ICP-OES). Our comprehensive salts portfolio includes metal salts that range from standard alkali (e.g. sodium, potassium) and alkaline (e.g. magnesium, calcium) metals to precious metal salts (gold, silver) and rare earth elements (neodymium, lanthanum). In addition, our premium salts offer chemistries ranging from simple halide salts "such as sodium chloride" to more complex acid salts, like silver heptafluorobutyrate.

Typically, these high-purity ionic compounds are utilized as salt precursors in demanding solid state synthesis processes such as sol-gel, co-precipitation, and precursor methods and in precision nanoparticle synthesis, such as in chemical reduction and solvothermal methods. Additional applications of our premium salts range from use as catalysts in chemical manufacturing to electrolyte mixtures for battery components.

Ultra-High Purity Salts

High-purity materials are crucial components for the research, development, and production of advanced technologies which require optimum properties, performance, and quality. We offer ultra-high purity salts with purity exceeding 99.998% (less than 10 parts per million trace metal impurities). Our ISO 9001 quality management system ensures high batch-to-batch consistency, with available batch-specific certificate of analysis (CoA), for dependable and reliable performance.

AnhydroBeads™​ Salts

Our AnhydroBeads™ salts are high-purity, monodisperse, free-flowing, anhydrous beaded salts that provide superior performance in air- and moisture-sensitive technical synthesis applications. Our AnhydroBeads™ salts are developed and tested under stringent dry manufacturing conditions to ensure optimal quality with water content at the parts-per-million scale and trace metal purity of 99.9% (3N) to 99.999% (5N). Due to their lower surface area-to-volume ratio (~2 mm in diameter) in comparison to crystalline powders, AnhydroBeads™ salts reduce the uptake rate of environmental moisture to minimize caking, dusting, and static buildup for repeated easy handling. Additionally, AnhydroBeads™ salts can offer increased crucible packing densities and lower volatility in high-temperature solid state processes. Our AnhydroBeads™ salts enable improved performance of pneumatic loading of salts to sample chambers by reducing settling and clogging issues associated with powdered salt counterparts. Keep your work flowing with AnhydroBeads™ salts!


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