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We provide a diverse selection of novel battery materials for all of your applications in lithium-ion battery research and manufacturing. Whether enhancing the performance of batteries by reducing the dimensions of materials for higher surface reactivity, forming composites for improved conduction and mechanical support, performing doping and functionalization for quicker ion and electron transport, tuning particle morphology, coating and encapsulating materials to prevent electrolyte decomposition, or modifying electrolytes for controlled solubility, our comprehensive portfolio supports in boosting battery energy storage, power, and operational life. With unrivaled consistency, purity, and quality, our materials provide reliable building blocks for successfully producing high-performance batteries with outstanding durability and dependability.


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Cathode Battery Materials

Our high-purity cathode materials include nickel cobalt aluminum (NCA), core shell gradient (CSG), spinel-based lithium-ion (LMO), cobalt-based lithium-ion (LCO) and nickel cobalt manganese (NCM or NMC) for building positive electrodes in battery cells. These materials vary according to their electrochemical properties, energy density, thermal stability, and load capacities to achieve unprecedented battery performance.

Anode Battery Materials

Our high-performance anode material portfolio provides excellent porosity and conductivity, good durability and light weight at low cost. We offer natural and artificial graphite, powdered graphene, activated carbon, carbon black, conductive additives, mixed metal nanocomposites, lithium titanate (LTO), titanium oxide, and surface-functionalized silicon to increase battery capacity and power density.

Electrolyte Battery Materials

Engineered to optimize performance, our high-purity non-aqueous battery electrolyte solutions, ionic solutions, and additives are available in various formulations (liquid, gel, or dry polymers) and typically consist of salts, acids, or bases. These materials provide thermal and hydrolytic stability, high conductivity and rate of discharge, and overall improvement to charging performance.

Discover these and additional battery materials, including our battery grade and greener alternative products. Check out our aluminum, copper and nickel battery foil materials, high-viscosity anode and cathode binders, and, coated electrodes and electrode sheets, for all your research and commercial needs.

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