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11β-(4-Dimethyl­amino)­phenyl-17β-hydroxy-17-(1-propynyl)­estra-4,9-dien-3-one, RU-486, RU-38486
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biological source

synthetic (organic)








inhibition assay: suitable


ethanol: 50 mg/mL, clear, greenish-yellow


Danco Laboratories

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Mifepristone has been used:
  • to induce damage against the proliferative and secretory phase of endometrial stromal cells
  • to establish a preterm birth (PTB) mice model in order to study the difference in cervical ripening mechanism between term and PTBs
  • to activate geneswitch gal4 in flies
  • to study the effects of sex steroids on prostaglandin secretion


1 g in glass bottle
100, 500 mg in glass bottle

Biochem/physiol Actions

Therefore, mifepristone is considered to be a potent abortifacient. It is also known to inhibit human chorionic gonadotropin. Mifepristone results in decidual necrosis.
Mifepristone (RU-486) has activity as both a progesterone receptor antagonist and a glucocorticoid receptor antagonist.

Features and Benefits

This compound was developed by Danco Laboratories. To browse the list of other pharma-developed compounds and Approved Drugs/Drug Candidates, click here.
This compound is featured on the Nuclear Receptors (Steroids) page of the Handbook of Receptor Classification and Signal Transduction. To browse other handbook pages, click here.


Health hazard

Signal Word


Hazard Statements

Precautionary Statements

Hazard Classifications

Repr. 1B

Storage Class Code

6.1D - Non-combustible, acute toxic Cat.3 / toxic hazardous materials or hazardous materials causing chronic effects



Flash Point(F)

Not applicable

Flash Point(C)

Not applicable

Personal Protective Equipment

dust mask type N95 (US), Eyeshields, Gloves

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  3. What is Mifepristone, Product M8046, soluble in?

    Mifepristone is soluble in ethanol at 50 mg/mL; heat may be required to dissolve the compound at this concentration.  It is also soluble in DMSO at 20 mg/mL.

  4. Can solutions of Mifepristone, Product M8046, be stored?

    Stock solutions of 1 mM mifepristone in ethanol can be stored at -20 °C. The top of the container should be sealed with Parafilm to prevent solvent evaporation. Solutions in ethanol, properly stored and handled, are probably good for several months (based on the structure of the compound), but we have no specific information on this.

  5. Where can I find information on usage of Mifepristone, Product M8046?

    The Sigma-Aldrich website listing has several cited articles with hyperlinks to the abstracts. These references can be found under the reference tab on the M8046 product webpage.

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