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Millicell® µ-Migration Assay Kit

This Kit overcomes the limitations of traditional multiwell migration assays. Its microfluidic, low-volume technology promotes a stable, diffusion-generated concentration gradient that is consistently linear & lasts for more than 48 hours.


species reactivity

mouse, rat, human




cell based assay: suitable
single cell analysis: suitable

shipped in

dry ice

General description

Cell migration occurs in a variety of biological processes including wound healing, embryonic development, and immune response. Because of the importance of cell migration in angiogenesis, oncology, neurology, and especially immunology, there is an increased interest in understanding the underlying biological mechanisms at a single cell level.

Traditional multiwell (Boyden chamber) migration assays can have limitations, such as: (1) gradients are not linear, well-established, or controlled, (2) quantification of migratory cells is based on an endpoint measurement rather than a dynamic determination, and (3) imaging of the cells while they are migrating is currently not possible.

The Millicell µ-Migration Assay Kit overcomes these limitations.

Its microfluidic, low-volume technology promotes a stable, diffusion-generated concentration gradient that is consistently linear and lasts for more than 48 hours. Designed for video microscopy assays, the µ-Migration Slide is made from a plastic with high optical qualities similar to those of glass. At specific time intervals, images of the observation area can be acquired, allowing real-time monitoring and quantitative measurements of cell migration.

  • Live cell tracking of single cell or cell population migration
  • Establishes a stable and linear concentration gradient that lasts ≥ 48 hours
  • Helps distinguish chemotaxis from random movement
  • Allows for multiparametric analysis, including cell directionality and velocity
  • Enhanced optical imaging of slow- and fast-migrating cells
  • Analyze 3 chemoattractants in parallel for increased throughput and flexibility
  • No need to spend time or money on optimization
  • Ready to use, no assembly needed

How the Kit Works

For detailed videos and instructions on the use of the µ-migration kit, please visit: Millicell µ-Migration Assay Kit

For instructions on how to access and use the free Image-J plug-in software to analyze the data and images collected using the µ-Migration Assay Kit, please visit: Millicell µ-Migration Assay Kit.


1. Millicell® µ-Migration Slides: (Part No. CS204500) Four uncoated sterilized slides. Each slide contains 3 chambers.

2. Millicell µ-Migration Caps and Plugs: (Part No. CS204501) Forty-eight of each. Twelve caps and twelve plugs for each slide.

3. Human Collagen IV: (Part No. CS204498) One 100 µg vial of 1 mg/mL Human Collagen IV.

4. Acetic Acid Buffer: (Part No. CS204485) One vial containing 1.5 mL of 0.5 M acetic acid.

5. BSA Solution: (Part No. CS204507) One vial containing 100 µL of 30% BSA solution.

6. Beveled pipette tips: Fisherbrand SureOne 200 µL tips, Fisher Cat. No. 02-707-419. Two 96-tip boxes.

Storage and Stability

1. Millicell® µ-Migration Slides (Part No. CS204500). Store at room temperature.
2. Millicell µ-Migration Caps and Plugs (Part No. CS204501) Store at room temperature.
3. Human Collagen IV (Part No. CS204498) Store at -20ºC.
4. Acetic Acid Buffer (Part No. CS204485) Store at room temperature.
5. BSA Solution (Part No. CS204507) Store at -20ºC.
6. Beveled Pipette Tips. Store at room temperature.

Legal Information

Accutase is a registered trademark of Innovative Cell Technologies, Inc.
Millicell is a registered trademark of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany


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Storage Class Code

10 - Combustible liquids



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