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Cell Design Studio® Cell Engineering Services

Cell Engineering Services Designed to Help You Find Answers

Cell Design Studio® provides custom, genetically modified cellular models that are developed through an immersive consultation approach. Guided by a team with years of engineering expertise, portfolio tools that deliver unparalleled precision, and a full suite of intellectual property, let Cell Design Studio® help you find answers that no one else can.

With over 350 years of technical leadership, Sigma-Aldrich® Advanced Genomics products and services come with expertise that extends Beyond the Bench - from discovery to therapeutic impact.

Knockout, Knock-in, and Everything in Between

Cell Design Studio® is the cell line engineering service partner you can trust to deliver customized cellular models for your most demanding drug discovery and disease modeling research. Using state-of-the-art genome editing technologies (CRISPR, ZFN, and RNAi), and innovative methods for clonal selection and isolation, Cell Design Studio® can generate targeted modifications of any gene, in virtually any cell line.

Whether you need a patient-derived iPS cell line with a disease SNP corrected, a novel immunotherapy target overexpressed in a cancer cell line, an endogenously-tagged fluorescent protein reporter cell line for high-content screening, or a Cas9 expression line, Cell Design Studio® will take your project from research to reality.

Let our cell engineering experts create genetically-engineered cells modified to your specifications.

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Cell Design Studio® delivers high-quality biologically relevant cell models including novel immunotherapy cell lines, screening tools for CAR/TCR therapies and target cells for efficacy testing in therapeutic manufacturing.

  • CAR-T Target Reporter
  • Tumor Antigen Expression Cell Lines
  • Checkpoint Inhibitor Knockout & Overexpression
  • Therapeutic Antibody Knockout & Overexpression
  • T Cell Receptor Modifications
  • Engineered Cells for Cell/Gene Therapy Evaluation (RUO)

Pluripotent Stem and Primary Cells

Pluripotent stem cells can be modified for disease modeling in vitro, small molecule screening, or for optimizing differentiation protocols. Cell Design Studio® can edit your iPSC lines or our available in-house iPSCs.

  • Isogenic IPS and SNP Modifications
  • Reporter and Lineage Tagging for Directed Differentiation Protocol Development
  • KO/KI for Drug Discovery
  • Cas9 Overexpression for CRISPR Screening
  • Safe-harbor Integration of dCas9-based Effectors

Cell-Based Assays for Drug Discovery

Let our cell line engineering experts create cellular research models using our full suite of genome editing tools and various cell lines for research applications such as small molecule and drug screening, or reporter cell lines with endogenously tagged fluorescent proteins ready to be used in high-throughput screening.

  • Cell Viability/Proliferation
  • Cell Migration/Localization
  • Apoptosis/Cell Death Detection
  • Directed Differentiation of iPS Cells
  • Copy Number Variation Analysis

Cell Models for Process Development and Manufacturing

Includes the same flexibility, dedicated project management, and state-of-the-art technical capabilities and tools offered with research and discovery projects and adds regulatory expertise to drive the success of your program.

  • Documentation for cell line development process
  • Client-approved raw materials and Batch Record Document (BRD)
  • Customizable deliverables and optional master cell bank manufacturing

These lines can be useful for pre-clinical and clinical development, manufacturing, and quality control purposes. Every project is customized and validated to ensure quality-based solutions are delivered and meet expectations. Our ultimate goal is to provide you not with a cell line, but with a successful solution.

  • Therapeutic manufacturing
  • Potency assays
  • Batch release assays

Our technical and regulatory expertise is unmatched and we are dedicated to partnering with you for a comprehensive solution to move your research to clinical development and manufacturing.

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