Bioprocessing Cell Culture

Critical for the development and production of biotherapeutic products, cell culture for manufacturing requires scalable products that are traceable and pure yet economically sound. We are deeply committed to providing you with robust products to meet your mammalian cell culture needs. Our highly validated, optimized products, including upstream chemicals, supplements, chemically defined cell culture media, bioreactors and clarification filters, coupled with decades of expertise, provide convenient solutions to even the most complex challenges. We support you to maximize performance, speed, process economics and reduce risks, ensure business continuity and accelerate progress of drug candidates.

Bioprocessing Cell Lines

Our ready-to-use, off-the-shelf cell line systems greatly reduce the time, cost, and risk of developing new cell lines for production. Whether you are producing antibodies, recombinant proteins, vaccines or viral vectors for gene therapies, our cell line platforms can accelerate your upstream progress.

Image of dramatic growth from cell culture medium
Bioprocessing Cell Culture Media

Our off-the-shelf and customizable bioprocessing cell culture media (CCM) products enhance productivity in upstream mAb, vaccine, gene/cell therapy processes.

Bioprocessing Single-Use Bioreactors

Mobius® single-use bioreactors are scalable, configurable, and reliable, able to perform fed-batch and perfusion bioprocessing at any scale from benchtop to full-scale production.

Process scientist working with cell culture media
Bioprocessing Recombinant Supplements

Our recombinant cell culture supplements include albumin, transferrin, insulin, trypsin, NAO growth factors and transport proteins for production of mAbs and recombinant proteins, as well as cell and gene therapies. We also offer animal-derived products for IVD applications or downstream manufacturing.

Bioprocessing Liquid Culture Media & Buffers

We offer the industry’s highest quality sterile filtered liquid capabilities, supplying ready-to-use cell culture media, buffers, CIP and SIP products from GMP facilities worldwide to optimize your biopharma production.

Bulk Powder Transfer Bags

EZ BioPac® and Right Sized Weighing is a complete solution for easy and safe delivery of cell culture media and bioprocess chemicals. Our powder transfer system is designed to deliver exact weight of dry ingredients up to 100 kg and offers the right options for direct connection to your hydration vessels.

Custom GMP Cell Culture Media
Custom GMP Cell Culture Media

Our custom cell culture product design experts can offer advice and support as you scale your bioprocess from clinical to commercial supply, assisting with liquid products, dry powder products, selection of raw materials, quality testing, flexible product packaging, and product documentation.

Custom Pre-GMP Cell Culture Media
Custom Pre-GMP Cell Culture Media

Our imMEDIAte ADVANTAGE® service for pre-GMP, small scale custom media, feeds, supplements, and buffers provides the quick turn-around you need to complete your development work quicker – and accelerate your molecule to clinic sooner.

Media Filtration

Cell culture media filtration prevents bioreactor contamination. Selection of a sterilizing filter, mycoplasma filter, or virus filter depends on process risk.  Learn how to select the best filter for your cell culture media filtration.

Viral Vector Upstream Platforms

A transfection-based solution to viral vector production using a suspension cell line, chemically defined medium, and a process with proven performance at scale.