Bioprocessing Cell Culture Media

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For decades, biopharmaceutical companies have trusted us to deliver high performing, high quality, cell culture media (CCM) for a diverse range of biologics. Whether you need to intensify a CHO-based process or optimize production of vaccines or novel modalities such as cell and gene therapies, our cell culture media will help make your processes more robust and efficient.

What Sets Our Media Apart?

  • With our comprehensive portfolio, you can choose from tried-and-true formulations or explore innovative new options that enable process intensification for monoclonal antibodies and emerging, novel modalities such as cell and gene therapies.
  • We understand how media can influence the efficiency of other bioprocessing steps. Because of this, we incorporate science-driven technology into our formulations to support cell culture productivity and simplify upstream workflows.
  • We back our products with a commitment to business continuity and a best-in-class application support team with a record of success with a diverse set of cell types, biologics, metabolic needs, and process requirements.

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CHO Media for Production of Monoclonal Antibodies

We offer a broad portfolio of industry-proven CHO media for the seed train (N-1), perfusion, fed-batch, and cell line development. These purpose-built formulations are designed to contain only those raw materials that have a specific role in supporting cell vitality and productivity. As problem solvers we also identify opportunities to further improve media consistency and handling, such as modified amino acids, a novel poloxamer, auto pH, and compaction to match novel process designs.

The result? Media that are tailored for your specific CHO-based application, maximizing productivity and enabling upstream process intensification – while keeping pace with evolving regulatory requirements.

Media for Vaccines and Cell and Gene Therapies

The production of vaccines and novel modalities such as cell and gene therapies require specialized media that deliver high performance and high quality. In addition to offering customized products, our portfolio includes media for manufacturing virus-like particles for vaccines and viral vectors such as AAV and lentiviruses for use in cell and gene therapies.

With complex manufacturing processes and proximity of the cell culture medium to the patient, formulations for cell therapy production must meet stringent and unique requirements for performance and quality. Our media products for cell therapy and viral vector production incorporate carefully selected raw materials and supplements that optimize cell expansion performance and ensure regulatory compliance in cell and gene therapy manufacturing environments.