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Alamethicin, Ready Made Solution from Trichoderma viride

5 mg/mL in DMSO

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≥98% (HPLC)

Quality Level


DMSO solution


5 mg/mL in DMSO

antibiotic activity spectrum

Gram-positive bacteria

Mode of action

cell membrane | interferes

shipped in

wet ice

storage temp.


General description

Alamethicin belongs to the peptaibol family of antimicrobial peptides. It is mainly composed of hydrophobic amino acids. It possess a helical structure with a movable hinge region at Gly-11 position.[13]


Alamethicin is a 20-amino acid channel-forming peptide antibiotic that can function as a monovalent cation ionophore. Alamethicin has been used to develop methods for the routine assessment of potential new drug candidates to elicit their pharmacokinetic drug interactions.
Alamethicin, Ready Made Solution from Trichoderma viride has been used :
  • In the uridine 5′-diphospho-glucuronosyltransferase activity assay.
  • To determine the Na, K-ATPase activity in permeabilized bovine nonpigmented epithelium cells.
  • [11]
  • In methylcrotonyl-CoA carboxylase activity assay.
  • [12]

    Biochem/physiol Actions

    Alamethicin is a 20-amino acid channel-forming peptide antibiotic isolated from the fungus Trichoderma viride. Alamethicin consists of several isoforms, for which structural information has been published. Alamethicin forms voltage-dependent channels across lipid bilayer membranes. The Alamethicin channel is built by a bundle of helical monomers forming a water filled transmembrane pore. The conductivity level of the channel is determined by the number of associated helical monomers (3-12), which generates a non aligned supermolecular structure with an aqueous core through which ions can cross lipid membranes. Alamethicin catalyzes the exchange of protons for monovalent cations with little difference in affinities and has the ability to transport cations through biological and artificial lipid membranes. Alamethicin can be used for the permeabilization of mitochondria without affecting the outer or inner membranes.

    Physical form

    The product contains a mixture of alamethicin isoforms. It is supplied as a 5 mg/mL, 0.2 μm filtered solution in DMSO.

    Storage Class Code

    6.1D - Non-combustible, acute toxic Cat.3 / toxic hazardous materials or hazardous materials causing chronic effects


    WGK 1

    Flash Point(F)

    188.6 °F - closed cup

    Flash Point(C)

    87 °C - closed cup

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