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ART® self-sealing barrier pipette tips

ART 10, volume range 0.1-10 μL, sterile

pipette tips, pipet tips






DNase free
RNase free


case of 5 packs
pack of 960 ea (racked)


Thermo MBP Molecular Bio Products 2139


PCR: suitable

maximum volume

10 μL

volume range

0.1-10 μL

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General description

2 μL reference mark; the perfect tip for pipetting low volumes
Precision-molded tips with the Art self-sealing barrier. Guaranteed to prevent carryover contamination during aspiration and delivery of samples. Art tips are ideal for use in genetic studies, forensics, general PCR work and radioisotope sampling.

Art tips are available in numerous sizes and styles to meet all your liquid handling needs. All Art tips are certified RNase-, DNase-, DNA- and pyrogen-free.


ART® self-sealing barrier pipette tips have been used for the quantitative profiling of endocannabinoids in lipoproteins by LC–MS (liquid chromatography–mass spectrometry)/MS. They have also been used for RNA isolation and reverse transcription.


960EA = 10 trays of 96 tips (1 pack)
4800EA = 5 packs of 960 tips (50 trays of 96 tips)

800EA = 8 trays of 100 tips (1pack)
3200EA = 4 packs of 800EA


Biohit mLINE .5-10 μl
Biohit Electronic .2-10 μl
Biohit Variable Single/Multi-Channel .5-10 μl
Capp Aero 10 μl
Corning 4960 .5-10 μl
Finnpipette 4500 Digital .2-2 μl
Finnpipette 4500 Digital Micro .5-10 μl
Finnpipette Focus 4600 3 μl, 5 μl, 10 μl
Finnpipette Multi-Channel .5-10 μl
Hamilton SoftGrip Precision 2 μl/10 μl
Nichiryo BenchMate .2-2 μl/.5-10 μl
Pipetman P-2 .1-2 μl
Pipetman P-10 .5-10 μl
Rainin EDP 2 .5-10 μl
Rainin EDP Plus .5-10 μl
Rainin Pipet Plus .2-2 μl/.5-10 μl
Rainin Pipetman .2-2 μl/.5-10 μl
Transferpette Single/Multi-Channel .5-10 μl/2-20 μl
Transferpette Ultra-Micro 2-20 μl

Other Notes

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Legal Information

ART is a registered trademark of Molecular BioProducts, Inc.

Certificate of Analysis

Certificate of Origin

In vitro culture and analysis of adult hippocampal neural progenitors.
Peltier J, et al.
Methods in Molecular Biology, 621, 65-87 (2010)
Quantitative profiling of endocannabinoids in lipoproteins by LC-MS/MS.
Bilgin M, et al.
Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry, 407, 5125-5131 (2015)

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