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Silica gel on TLC Al foils

silica gel 60 matrix, with fluorescent indicator 254 nm

TLC cards Silica gel


aluminum support
silica gel 60 matrix

Quality Level


with fluorescent indicator 254 nm


binder Organic Polymer
fluorescent indicator


pkg of 25 ea


thin layer chromatography (TLC): suitable

L × W

20 cm × 20 cm

layer thickness

200 μm

particle size

8.0-12.0 μm

pore size

60 Å medium pore diameter

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General description

This product is an OEM version of 1.05554 which is made by us.

Silica gel is a rigid 3D network of colloidal silica. It is exclusively used as a support material for the active titanium(III) centers in Ziegler-Natta catalysts. Silica gel allows a controlled fragmentation resulting in the formation of uniform polymer particles with narrow particle size distribution and high bulk density. Silica gel is widely used as layer material for TLC. Plaster of Paris is generally used as binding agent to hold silica gel firmly to the TLC plates. Silica gel is applied as sorbent to the aluminium foils.


Silica gel on TLC Alu foils may be used to perform thin layer chromatography.

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