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CellCrown inserts

6 well plate inserts, sterile

3D, 3D Cell Culture, 3D scaffolds, cell scaffolds


clear polycarbonate
clear wells




pack of 3 ea


Scaffdex C00003S


6 wells



pore size

1 μm

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General description

CellCrown 6 comes available as 5 models; non-sterile and sterile empty inserts and with preattached, white nylon membrane with pore size of 5 μm and with polycarbonate filter with pore size of 1 μm. Nylon filter is hydrophilic and binds proteins. Polycarbonate is the right material choice for the filter when cells and proteins are not wanted to attach on the filter.
CellCrown is a disposable insert, which immobilizes a sample in its place on a 6, 12, 24, 48, and 96-well plate. Fibers, foils, membranes, textiles, tissue and block like samples can be fixed with CellCrown in a firm, adjusted position in the well. The sample can be left in the well during the change of media by means of a pipette between the wall of the well and the CellCrown. The lid of the well plate can be closed while CellCrown is used. The insert can be removed from the well plate and unloaded after cell culturing without damaging the sample. CellCrown is made of medical grade polycarbonate and the product range includes sterile products ready to use as well as non-sterile products to be sterilized by the user. Sterilization can be by gamma or e-beam radiation, autoclaving, ethylene oxide gas and plasma sterilization.

Sterilization Conditions:
Temperature.......121 °C / 250 °F
Time..................15 min.
Drying time.........15 min.

Legal Information

CellCrown is a trademark of Scaffdex Oy

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