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Potassium hydroxide on alumina

KOH on alumina
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Potassium hydroxide on alumina (KOH/AL2O3) can be employed as a base catalyst:
  • For the dehydrogenation of cyclic hydrocarbons (cycloolefins, cycloparaffins, and alkyl aromatics).
  • To prepare pyridazine derivatives from 1,2-dicarbonyls, and hydrazine hydrate under microwave (MW) irradiation.
  • In the total synthesis of natural product (-)-varitriol and (-)-3′-epi-varitriol (an isomer of (-)-varitriol) as potent antitumor agents.


25, 100 g in glass bottle

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Channelrhodopsin (ChR) is a light-gated cation channel that responds to blue light. Since ChR can be readily expressed in specific neurons to precisely control their activities by light, it has become a powerful tool in neuroscience. Although the recently solved
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The aim of this study was to use a detailed rheological characterization to gain new insights into the gelation behavior of natural waxes. To make a comprehensive case, six natural waxes (differing in the relative proportion of chemical components: hydrocarbons
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Self-assembly of a trigonal building subunit with diaminotriazines (DAT) functional groups leads to a unique rod-packing 3D microporous hydrogen-bonded organic framework (HOF-3). This material shows permanent porosity and demonstrates highly selective separation of C2H2/CO2 at ambient temperature and pressure.

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