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How do we deliver accuracy and precision for your lab every time? Discover the origins of the Supelco® brand, and the events that have made us what we are today.

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Learn about all the latest scientific research, advice on experiments, and product innovations with our Quarterly Analytical Journal.

Supelco® portfolio: Reliable and reproducible analytical solutions

Gas Chromatography Workflow

Our full line of capillary gas chromatography (GC and GC/MS) columns deliver consistent results in multiple industries.

LC-MS Workflow

A premier selection of proven analytical tools and consumables developed for separation and analysis of drugs and biomolecules, or for analytical assays.

Seamlessly Connected Laboratory Solutions

Our digital solutions make your daily analytical work safer, simpler and more efficient to ensure the most accurate results.

Analytical Standards & Certified Reference Materials

Over 20,000 analytical standards and certified reference materials for precise calibration and validated results

Technology Overview

Explore our comprehensive range of analytical products and services for all your application needs.

Supelco® Industry-specific solutions

Beverage Safety Testing

We offer a comprehensive range of high-quality products and reliable testing solutions for your beverage analysis workflow.

Pharmaceutical Analysis & QC

When it comes to your important pharma projects, you can trust our analytical chemistry and microbiology testing portfolio.

Environmental Testing

Reliable, efficient delivery of premium-grade testing components, to assist your work for a safe and healthier world.

Cannabis Testing

We offer a comprehensive selection of analytical tools to promote safety and efficacy of cannabis products.

Useful tools for your analytical work

Online Resource Library

Our library of chromatograms and method conditions covers GC, HPLC, chiral, SPE, SPME, and air monitoring applications.

Supelco® stories

We go to the ends of the earth – and beyond – to ensure absolute accuracy in our products. Discover the stories of our work behind the scenes.

The same product, new label

Our analytical inorganics and solvents reside within the Supelco® portfolio, with the same product specifications, trademark and packaging as always – the only difference is the label.

The Same Product, New Label

The Sharpest Perspective in Life Science

Supelco® Analytical Products

Unbeatable accuracy
again and again

Your precise work means you need products
you can rely on. That's why our wide portfolio
provides solutions to help you achieve
accurate analysis every time.