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Ever wish preparing your regulatory filing could be smoother? Find out how we help by working closely with regulatory bodies.

Intelligent Viral Vector Therapy Solutions

Our viral vector therapy CDMO services can help get your genetic therapeutic from development to commercialization as smoothly as possible.

Keeping your project safe and on-track is a balancing act. Our experts design custom solutions that manage risk and keep you on schedule.

Powerful Biologic Manufacturing Solutions

We provide flexible, custom biologic CDMO solutions based on deep expertise and risk management to optimize your speed and help you reach your key milestones.

Interpreting multiple reports can slow down your project. We synthesize all your data to help you make smarter decisions.

Precision Biosafety Testing

Whether you’re preparing for clinic or manufacturing a life-saving therapeutic biologic in multiple countries, protecting your investment with cGMP-compliant testing is critical.

Case Studies

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A Strong Track Record in Regulatory Support

As a product innovator and CDMO with 20+ years of experience, we have produced more than 500 batches of virus within the last decade to support viral vector therapy development, from clinical stages through commercialization.

When you have a partner with a strong track record and reputable relationships with regulators, you can feel more confident about regulatory process and focus on your drug development.

Our dedicated experts work with you from start to finish to meet your unique needs. And we stay at the forefront of regulatory guidance and share our knowledge so you’re the first to know about new developments.

“The BioReliance® team made the whole regulatory process really easy for us. They kept us informed all the way through.”

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Discover our Full-Service Biologic CDMO

Accelerate Your Program Safely

BioReliance® End-to-End Solutions is a full-service biologic CDMO offering deep expertise and flexible, custom solutions at all stages of the development and manufacturing process. We’ll balance risk to optimize your speed to market without ever compromising on quality or safety, and support all aspects of your regulatory compliance.

Whatever your development challenge, our experts can design custom solutions to manage risk.

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Enhance your Biopharmaceutical Testing Experience

Get Actionable Data Faster

Whatever stage of the pharma or biopharma development process you’re in, our leading cGMP-compliant testing services can help you to get your therapeutic from discovery to release as quickly as possible.

Analyzing data from multiple vendors can take up valuable time. Our product characterization teams make things easy by synthesizing data from multiple analytical methods into one report, streamlining your data to make it more actionable.

Our off-the-shelf mAb assay packages are designed to provide actionable data quicker, for better decision-making. We’ll discuss details with you and assign a dedicated project manager to ensure we meet your unique needs. See how a partnership with us can help bring your biotherapy to life.

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Viral Vector Therapy Contract Development and Manufacturing

We provide a complete range of viral vector therapy CDMO services based on more than 20 years of experience taking genetic products from development to commercialization. Our comprehensive offering spans clinical and commercial manufacturing, process development, cell, and viral banking, tech transfer, fill finish, secure biostorage, and viral vector testing and manufacturing.

Biologic Contract Development and Manufacturing

As a full-service biologics CDMO with deep expertise across all stages of biologic development and manufacturing, we pride ourselves on working relationships built around your specific needs. We offer flexible, custom solutions for mammalian cell line and process development, media and feed screening, master cell banking, scale-up, and GMP commercial drug substance manufacturing. With 30+ years of experience in process development and 25 years in GMP manufacturing, we’ve helped to bring more than 260 biologics to market.

Product Characterization & Biosafety Testing

Biologics Testing, Product Characterization, and Genetic Toxicology

We deliver brilliant biosafety testing experiences through the entire drug lifecycle. Our comprehensive product characterization program reveals the true identity of your molecule through every phase of development, ensuring your biotherapy’s safety, purity and potency.

Explore our pharma and biopharma testing services in more depth:

Pharma Testing Services

Biopharma Testing Services

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