Research Programs

Find the program that best fit your
research needs and start saving.

Our partnership programs provide access to fundamental tools, resources, and memberships designed to save you time and research dollars. Find the program or programs below that best fit your research needs and start saving.

Programs & Memberships

New Lab Start Up Program

Focus on your research, not expenses.  Save up to 85% on more than 180,000 products.

CRISPR Core Partnership Program

Partner with us and gain exclusive access to new CRISPR technologies and supporting resources

Biotechnology Partnership Program
Biotechnology Partnership Program

Discover all the ways we can accelerate your path to launching your next pioneering drug therapy.

Stocking Center Program

Interested in starting a supply center, stockroom, on-site stocking center, or storeroom solution?

RapidRED™/MPower Payment Account

A convenient payment program for online ordering of highly transactional custom DNA and RNA products.

Proteomics Core Partnership Program

We provide you the most diverse and advanced Proteomic workflow solutions on the market.

Metabolomics Core Partnership Program

Navigate towards Metabolomic Discovery with our exclusive membership perks.