What is long and accurate PCR?

Many polymerase chain reaction (PCR) applications require longer read lengths, greater fidelity and higher yields than that which can be achieved with Taq DNA polymerase. Conventional Taq DNA polymerase lacks proofreading capability, resulting in a relatively high error rate. Taq polymerase also tends to disassociate from the template and cease elongation at sites of misincorporated nucleotides. Cloning and expression experiments, cDNA analysis and array work can be improved by using long and accurate amplification over conventional PCR.

Long and accurate (LA) amplification is achieved by combining a thermostable polymerase with a second polymerase exhibiting a 3'—>5' exonuclease activity. The exonuclease, or proofreading, activity repairs terminal misincorporations. This repair allows for greater read lengths and increased fidelity.

We offer products to achieve successful long and accurate PCR. Our AccuTaq™ LA enzyme and blends provide increased yield, higher processivity for greater lengths, and proofreading activity for increased fidelity over other long and accurate enzymes.

Increase PCR yield and fidelity

AccuTaq™ LA DNA Polymerase (Product No. D8045) and REDAccuTaq™ LA DNA Polymerase (Product No. D4812) are blends of our quality Taq DNA polymerase with a 3'—>5' proofreading exonuclease. This mix provides increased yield and 6.5X greater fidelity over standard Taq DNA polymerase.

  • Generate amplicons up to 20 kb on complex, genomic templates or 40 kb on less complex DNA
  • Increased yield over other suppliers' long and accurate enzymes
  • REDAccuTaq™ LA DNA Polymerase enables quick recognition of addition and mixing as well as direct loading to an agarose gel
Achieve longer amplicons and greater yields with AccuTaq™ LA DNA polymerase. AccuTaq™ LA DNA polymerase (SA) and other suppliers' long and accurate enzymes were used to amplify 5 kb, 10 kb and 20 kb fragments of human genomic DNA.

Long and accurate antibody-based hot start PCR

Combining an antibody-based hot start mechanism with our long-and-accurate enzymes results in increased specificity and sensitivity to our high yield, high fidelity products. JumpStart™ AccuTaq™ (Product No. D5809) and JumpStart™ REDAccuTaq™ LA DNA Polymerase (Product No. D1313) are ideal for high fidelity cloning applications or high yield array work.

  • Greater specificity with antibody inactivation over standard Taq polymerase or chemically inactivated enzymes
  • Hot start mechanism allows for room temperature set up of reactions, ideal for high throughput applications
  • Increased specificity, with amplification from as low as 0.4 ng of template