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Redi-Dri™ – The World of Free-flowing Hygroscopic Products

The Redi-Dri™ packaging system eliminates the common issue of clumping that is noted with many hygroscopic salts and buffers and provides free-flowing, ready-to- use material at all times. Don’t waste valuable time and resources using reagents that readily absorb environmental moisture and harden prior to use. Try Redi-Dri™ today!

Increase efficiency
Research Expertise
  • Increase lab efficiency and maximize safety
  • Reduced cost and labor, minimize waste
  • No Anti-caking agents added
Let Us Scale Up With You
Bulk Scale-up Capabilities

• Eliminate the need for tools of force
• Larger pack sizes more suitable for scale-up processes
  (up to 25KG sizes available)
• Free-flowing products make material handling easier

The Redi-Dri™ Advantage

  • Efficiency – Drive efficiencies by eliminating the need to chip, chisel or grind common reagents and salts. Consistent, free-flowing material quickens sample preparation, solvates reagents faster, and reduces the frustration involved with breaking clumps in hygroscopic powders.

  • Time Savings – Using Redi-Dri™ allows you to save your valuable time that you would spend on breaking up your clumped products.

  • Labor Savings – The free flowing characteristic allows for quicker prep time and faster processing of the product providing increased labor savings.

  • Cost Effective – Minimize the need to break up solids and save on valuable time. Reduce the risk of injury that laboratories and production units face and save direct labor and potential injury cost with every Redi-Dri™ use.

  • Personnel Safety – The Redi-Dri™ packaging system reduces the risk of laceration (Average cost of injury per OSHA - $19,059), puncture (Average cost of injury per OSHA - $22,716), sprain and strain (Average cost of injury per OSHA - $28,866), and chemical exposure by reducing the need to utilize “tools of force” when preparing hygroscopic reagents for use.

  • Waste Reduction – Redi-Dri™ delivers consistent, free-flowing material. Never discard material again that cannot be removed from its packaging or is wasted following analytical standards (product that is prepped cannot be returned to the container).

  • Quality Assured – The Redi-Dri™ packaging system essentially offers a “desiccator” in every bottle. By limiting the environmental effects of moisture on quality, Redi-Dri reduces contamination errors and restricts the effect that moisture can have on your anhydrous products.