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Chiral Disulfonimides for Asymmetric Counteranion-directed Catalysis (ACDC)


Asymmetric counteranion-directed catalysis (ACDC) has a number of valuable applications in enantioselective synthesis.1 Beginning in 2006, Benjamin List2 and others have expanded this field to encompass a broad range of useful transformations.

Representative Applications

In 2009, List and coworkers reported that disulfonimide catalyst 790753 can be used to catalyze asymmetric Mukaiyama aldol reactions in up to 94% ee.3 Two years later, this reaction was extended to vinylogous and bisvinylogous reactions as well.4


More recently, 790753 was employed as a Brønsted acid catalyst in the asymmetric Friedel-Crafts alkylation of imines with indoles.5


Finally, disulfonamide catalyst 790842 was successfully employed in the three-component synthesis of homoallylic amines in up to 97% ee.6


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