Trophoblast Protocol

Culturing Trophoblast Stem (TS) Cell Lines

Janet Rossant

This protocol was adapted from "Isolation and Culture of Blastocyst-Derived Stem Cell Lines," Chapter 8 (Protocol 8, provided by the laboratory of Janet Rossant), in Manipulating the Mouse Embryo, 3rd edition, by Andras Nagy, Marina Gertsenstein, Kristina Vintersten, and Richard Behringer. Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press, Cold Spring Harbor, NY, USA, 2003.1


Recently, culture conditions have been established for a second blastocyst-derived cell line, trophoblast stem (TS) cells, in addition to embryonic stem (ES) cells. This protocol describes a method for culturing TS cell lines. These cells can then be used to study trophoblast differentiation and placental function.

Trophoblast Protocol

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Behringer R, Gertsenstein M, Vintersten K, Nagy A. 2003. Manipulating the Mouse Embryo. 3rd edition. Cold Spring Harbor, NY, USA: Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press.