Our Preparative layer (PLC) plates allow separation and purification of samples varying in quantity – from milligrams to grams. Samples are typically applied as a band across the width of the glass plate and analyzed by UV detection. To isolate the substance by extraction, it is simply scraped from the PLC plate. We offer PLC plates with both unmodified and modified layers, in a variety of thicknesses (0.5 mm to 2 mm), and with or without fluorescent indicators.

Features and benefits

  • Separation and purification from milligram to gram quantities
  • Thicker layers for high sample loading
  • Same proven silica-binder technology as our analytical TLC plates

PLC silica gel 60

*1 F254 Fluorescent indicator
*2 F254+366 Fluorescent indicator
*2 F254s Fluorescent indicator, acid stable

PLC aluminum oxide 60 and 150

*1 F254 Fluorescent indicator