DESI-MS as a tool for direct lipid analysis in cultured cells.

Cytotechnology (2014-05-08)
Anna Bodzon-Kulakowska, Tomasz Cichon, Agnieszka Golec, Anna Drabik, Joanna Ner, Piotr Suder

Desorption electrospray ionization may be used as a fast and convenient method for analysis and identification of lipids in the cell culture. Oxidative stress, which usually involves changes in lipids, was used as a model of pathology to show the utility of this analysis methodology. This paper addresses the surface preparation of cell culture slides, induction of oxidative stress, and cell monolayer culture preparation as well as optimization of the analysis. Advantages and drawbacks of the method were also discussed.

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Poly-L-lysine hydrobromide, mol wt 30,000-70,000
Nitrogen, ≥99.998%
Minimum Essential Medium Eagle, With Earle′s salts and sodium bicarbonate, without L-glutamine, liquid, sterile-filtered, suitable for cell culture
Antibiotic Antimycotic Solution (100×), Stabilized, with 10,000 units penicillin, 10 mg streptomycin and 25 μg amphotericin B per mL, 0.1 μm filtered, BioReagent, suitable for cell culture