Activated & Functionalized PEGs

View of functionalized polyethylene glycol (PEG) used to enhance stability of PEGylated therapeutic protein

Our portfolio of GMP, functionalized polyethylene glycols enables you to create small- or large-molecule drug formulations with optimized release kinetics and targeted drug delivery characteristics to maximize product efficacy. As you pursue successful commercialization in today’s complex regulatory environment, we offer:

  • High quality
  • Portfolio offering and customized solutions
  • Solutions for a broad selection of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), ranging from DNA and RNA to proteins
  • Support in all phases of clinical development and commercialization
  • Regulatory support by a dedicated team

Activated/Functionalized Polyethylene Glycols (PEGs)

Functionalized/activated polyethylene glycols (PEGs) are essential for PEGylated therapeutic proteins used in drug delivery. You can rely on us to develop and supply the commercial quantities you need. Our offerings include high-purity materials for use in investigational products at every phase of clinical development and commercialization, with overall supply chain security and benchmark quality – from pre-clinical to commercialization of final medicinal products. Product groups include:

  • Linear MPEGs (up to 30 kDa)
  • Branched PEGs
  • Linear bifunctional PEGs (linkers)
  • Multi-arm PEGs

These products can support a variety of applications: PEGylation of therapeutic proteins, linker substances for antibody drug conjugates (ADCs), or as part of medical devices, such as biodegradable hydrogels

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