Drug Delivery Formulation Kits

Illustration of purple-colored drug delivery nano- and micro-particles flowing through blood vessels

Microparticle and nanoparticle systems have emerged as effective approaches to achieve controlled and targeted drug delivery. Our NanoFabTx™ formulation kits are designed for facile and reproducible synthesis of nano- to micro-sized drug-loaded particles. Detailed protocols with step-by-step instructions are provided for nanoformulation development, eliminating the need for lengthy trial-and-error optimization or expensive instruments in your research. NanoFabTx™ reagent kits can be used with easy-to-use nanoprecipitation methods or can be combined with NanoFabTx™ microfluidic device kits for rapid synthesis of well-defined drug delivery particles. Potential applications of our NanoFabTx™ products include:

  • Screening and selection of optimal formulations for nano- and microparticles
  • Optimal particle size determination
  • Drug-loading capacity and efficiency optimization
  • Bioavailability screening for therapeutic molecules
Microfluidic techniques for fabricating nanoparticles and microparticles for drug delivery Keywords: microfluidic system, nanoparticle drug delivery, nanoformulation

NanoFabTx™ Reagent Kits

Our NanoFabTx™ reagent kits include an optimized protocols paired with curated polymer and stabilizer reagents to facilitate early-stage, drug nanoformulation screening. The protocols include both standard nanoprecipitation and microfluidic methods for particle fabrication, allowing them to be paired with our NanoFabTx™ microfluidic device kits.

Illustration of microfluidic chips for particle fabrication and well-defined microparticles for drug delivery

NanoFabTx™ Microfluidic Device Kits

Microfluidic devices provide an optimal platform for reproducible micro- and nanoparticle fabrication. Microfluidics allow for particle screening in drug delivery applications, due to their rapid synthesis, controlled particle size, and small size distribution. In addition, microfluidics can be easily scaled to the larger batch sizes needed for preclinical assessment. Our NanoFabTx™ microfluidic device kits include pre-assembled microfluidic glass chips, tubing, and accessories. The pre-assembled chip can be directly connected to a fluid pump system, such as the Dolomite Mitos P-Pumps.


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