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Sample Handling

Scientific sample handling consumables and equipment are often as important as the reagents and samples used for your scientific research. Our space-saving sample management and storage solutions as well as our laboratory labels are available in a variety of sizes and materials to meet your sample needs. For samples requiring additional preparation, our grinders, homogenizers, stirs and mixers deliver efficient homogenization of various sample types, volumes and are suitable for a variety scientific applications. Discover our entire portfolio of sample handling solutions and ensure that your samples deliver results of the highest quality.

Grinders & Homogenizers

A comprehensive range of laboratory mills, grinders, sonicators, and homogenizers for coarse, medium, fine, and ultrafine size reduction of almost any material for biological, chemical, and physical applications.

Lab storage solutions
Containers & Storage

Essential lab storage solutions for lab management, sample traceability, and enhanced productivity including freezer and cryogenic boxes, glass and plastic tubes and bottles, and sealing films and foils.

Laboratory labels
Laboratory Labels

From labels for tubes for cryogenic storage, to chemically resistant labels for harsh and corrosive chemicals, to autoclavable and general-purpose labels, we provide labeling supplies and lab markers to meet your lab sample management needs.

Lab racks
Sample Collection

Protect and manage your samples with solutions including vials, tubes, bottles, dishes, plates, boxes, and racks for collection, transport, tracing, and storage needs.

Stir plates
Laboratory Stirring & Mixing

An extension selection of stir rods, vortexers, orbital shakers, magnetic stir bars and spin bars, plate stirrers, stir mantles, impellers, and overhead stirrers are available for mixing, homogenizing, and dissolving solutions and samples.

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