Chemical Synthesis

We provide the most comprehensive product range and enabling technologies for chemical research. From stockroom reagents to specialized catalysts and building blocks, we have the right products available to shorten your synthetic route. Our vast product offering includes coupling, halogenation, Grignard, oxidation, protection, deprotection, reduction, organoaluminium, and organosilicon reagents.

Chiral Auxiliaries

We offer an extensive range of ephedrine derivatives, oxazolidinone derivatives, and sulfur-based chiral auxiliaries for stereoselective protection in your asymmetric synthesis.

Halogenation Reagents

Choose from our wide array of halogenated substrates to improve the success of your bromination, chlorination, fluorination, haloboration, and iodination research endeavors.

C-C Bond Forming Reagents

With our portfolio of carbon-carbon bond-forming reagents, your breakthroughs in fundamental carbon-carbon bond formation coupling reactions will feel closer than ever.

Organozinc Reagents
Organozinc Reagents

We offer a diverse range of organozinc reagents for the formation of known bond formations and the development of new technologies in organic synthesis.

Organoaluminum Reagents
Organoaluminum Reagents

Explore our organoaluminum reagents to enable your cross-coupling reactions and facilitate the discovery of new bond-forming methodologies.

Organosilicon Reagents

Our unprecedented portfolio of organosilicon reagents includes disilanes, silanols, silazanes, silicates, siloxanes, trialkoxysilanes to support all of your breakthrough ideas.

Boronic Acids & Derivatives

We are pleased to provide a wide range of boronic acids & derivatives, including boronate esters, trifluoroborate salts, and MIDA boronate esters. All of our boronic acid derivatives are offered as alkyl, alkenyl, aryl and heteroaryl derivatives.

Coupling Reagents & Nucleosides
Coupling Reagents & Nucleosides

Our portfolio of building blocks, coupling reagents, and nucleosides provides a useful starting point for your oligo or nucleoside analog synthesis needs.

Grignard Reagents

Our unparalleled portfolio of Grignard Reagents are used in reactions such as Grignard reaction to form a new carbon-carbon bond.

Organolithium Reagents

Our organolithium reagents are critical to the successful formation of known bond formations (e.g. nucleophilic addition and substitution) and the development of new technologies in organic synthesis.

Organotin Reagents

Our offering organotin reagents and compounds are useful in the formation of known bond formations and the development of new technologies in organic synthesis.

Protection/Deprotection Reagents

We offer efficient protection and deprotection reagents for site-selectivity control of functional group transformations in multi-step organic synthesis.

Oxidation Reagents

We have a wide selection of oxidation reagents, from mild to radical oxidizers and hybrids acting as the reducing or oxidizing agent, to match your specific oxidation reactions.

Reducing Agents
Reducing Agents

We have the right reducing agents, including alkali metals and metal hydrides, to accommodate your reduction reaction methods for organic synthesis in small molecule research.