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Professor Jinbo Hu

Professor Jinbo Hu

The major research interests of Prof. Jinbo Hu's lab include the development of new fluorination reagents and reactions, especially the difluoromethylation, difluoromethylenation, and monofluoromethylation methods. Over the past decade, his group has developed fluoroalkyl sulfones, sulfoximines, and silanes as powerful fluoroalkylating agents. Furthermore, they have also developed several user-friendly difluorocarbene reagents such as TMSCF3/NaI, TMSCF2Cl/Cl-, and TMSCF2Br/Br- systems. Currently, the Hu lab is also focusing on the development of new reagents and reactions for carbon-fluorine bond formation.

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Recent papers from the Hu Group

Zhao Y, Huang W, Zheng J, Hu J. 2011. Efficient and Direct Nucleophilic Difluoromethylation of Carbonyl Compounds and Imines with Me3SiCF2H at Ambient or Low Temperature. Org. Lett.. 13(19):5342-5345.
Zheng H, Ghanbari S, Nakamura S, Hall DG. 2012. Boronic Acid Catalysis as a Mild and Versatile Strategy for Direct Carbo- and Heterocyclizations of Free Allylic Alcohols. Angew. Chem. Int. Ed.. 51(25):6187-6190.
Hu M, He Z, Gao B, Li L, Ni C, Hu J. 2013. Copper-Catalyzed gem-Difluoroolefination of Diazo Compounds with TMSCF3 via C?F Bond Cleavage. J. Am. Chem. Soc.. 135(46):17302-17305.


  • Organic Synthetic Chemistry
  • Catalysis

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