Cell Signaling

Cell signaling refers mechanism of communication between cells within organisms driven by mechanical signals, such as touch, or chemical signals, such as hormones, growth factors, and neurotransmitters. In signaling pathways, stimuli are transmitted via a cascade process to yield the correct and appropriate response. Examples of cell signaling pathways include lipid signaling, insulin signaling, stress signaling, growth signaling, TOR signaling, and checkpoint signaling. Research in this field frequently covers studying and modeling cellular dynamics, analyzing cell signaling heterogeneity, crossover between cell signaling and other biological processes, and systematic studies of signaling dynamics.

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  • Oxidative stress is mediated, in part, by reactive oxygen species produced by multiple cellular processes and controlled by cellular antioxidant mechanisms such as enzymatic scavengers or antioxidant modulators. Free radicals, such as reactive oxygen species, cause cellular damage via cellular.
  • Vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) is a family of closely related growth factors having a conserved pattern of eight cysteine residues and sharing common VEGF receptors. VEGF-A (VEGF) is a potent growth factor for blood vessel endothelial cells, showing pleiotropic responses that facilitate cell migration, proliferation, tube formation, and survival. In the developing embryo VEGF-A mRNA is expressed by cells within tissues undergoing capillarization.
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