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Regulatory excellence

Regulatory Excellence

Ever wish preparing your regulatory filing could be smoother? Find out how we help by working closely with regulatory bodies.

Discover Regulatory Expertise in Action with Our Case Study Below.

Regulatory excellence

Experts at Navigating Risk

Keeping your project safe and on-track is a balancing act. Our experts design custom solutions that manage risk and keep you on schedule.

Discover Risk Management Strategies with Our Case Study Below.

Regulatory excellence

One Partner to Organize Your Data

Interpreting multiple reports can slow down your project. We synthesize all your data to help you make smarter decisions.

Discover One-stop Solutions with Our Case Study Below.

Case Studies

A strong track record in regulatory support

When you have a partner with a strong track record and reputable relationships with regulators, you can feel more confident about regulatory process and focus on your drug development.

Our dedicated experts work with you from start to finish to meet your unique needs. And we stay at the forefront of regulatory guidance and share our knowledge so you’re the first to know about new developments.

“The BioReliance® team made the whole regulatory process really easy for us. They kept us informed all the way through.”

Accelerate Your Program Safely

Balancing speed and risk can be difficult. It takes a partner who understands your needs to properly manage and share in your risk at every step of your process.

BioReliance® End-to-End Solutions are a fast-track CDMO partner, delivering the optimal balance between risk, speed to clinic and cost, without ever compromising on quality or patient safety.

Whatever your development challenge, our experts can design custom solutions to manage risk.

Get Actionable Data Faster

Analyzing data from multiple vendors can take up valuable time. Our product characterization teams make things easy by synthesising data from multiple analytical methods into one report, streamlining your data to make it more actionable.

Our off-the-shelf mAb assay packages are designed to provide actionable data quicker, for better decision making. We’ll discuss details with you and assign a dedicated project manager to ensure we meet your unique needs. See how a partnership with us can help bring your biotherapy to life.


Viral vector manufacturing and viral gene therapy

Viral Vector Manufacturing and Viral Gene Therapy

We provide world-class process development and manufacturing for viral vector cell and gene therapies. Whatever the scale of your project, we are dedicated to ensuring your goals are met.

Viral vector manufacturing and viral gene therapy

mAb Contract Development and Manufacturing

Because your needs are unique and may change over time, we offer adaptable CDMO solutions for small and medium-sized biotechs developing biologics. With over 33 years of experience and over 250 biomolecules, we'll build a strong partnership around you.

Product characterization and biosafety testing

We deliver brilliant biosafety testing experiences through the entire drug lifecycle. Our comprehensive product characterization program reveals the true identity of your molecule through every phase of development, ensuring your biotherapy’s safety, purity and potency.

Explore our pharma and biopharma testing services in more depth:


The Sharpest Perspective in Life Science


Pharma/biopharma raw materials.


Lab materials and supplies.


Lab water.


Analytical products.


Filtration, separation, and preparation.

Success needs powerful partnerships

We build partnerships that deliver excellence and flexibility from start to finish, so you can get your therapies to the patients who need them.