Protein Stabilizers

Parenteral formulations using protein stabilizers

Sterile liquid applications demand excipients of the highest quality, purity, and reliability. Our comprehensive portfolio of high-quality pharmaceutical excipients offers everything you need for your medicinal drug product, backed by the regulatory and quality support of the Emprove® Program to streamline approval preparation and accelerate your processes. When your goal is a successful journey to market for small- or large-volume parenteral applications, you can count on our industry know-how, regulatory expertise, and comprehensive documentation to help you go forward with confidence.

High-quality Protein Stabilizers for Biomolecules

Specifically developed for high-risk applications, our portfolio of high-quality sugars, polyols, and amino acids simplifies selection when you face critical challenges such as preventing aggregation during manufacturing. Benefits include:

  • Low endotoxin and microbial limits
  • Elemental Impurity Information according to ICH Q3D
  • Emprove® Program and documentation supporting risk assessment
  • Emprove® Expert GMP-grade products for high-risk applications

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