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PlatePrep 96-well Vacuum Manifold

Manifold only



polypropylene tube

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solid phase extraction (SPE): suitable


food and beverages

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General description

The PlatePrep vacuum manifold consists of a clear acrylic top allowing for easier inspection of flow rates during SPE 96-well plate processing. The polypropylene base offers excellent chemical resistance while a single remote vacuum gauge/bleed valve controls flow through all the wells.

Use this compact vacuum manifold in conjunction with a Discovery SPE 96-well plate to process up to 96 samples concurrently. The single valve control, parallel processing capabilities, and uniform flow dynamics allow for easier method development, reduce clutter, and improve reproducibility. Unused wells can be covered and used at a later date.

A PlatePrep 96-Well Starter Kit (Cat. No. 575650-U) is available to anaysts new to 96-well SPE technology. Included with the Starter Kit is PlatePrep Vacuum Manifold and sample units of key accessory items necessary for 96-well SPE.

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