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Protease & Phosphatase Inhibitor Cocktails

Proteins in solution

Protease and phosphatase inhibitor cocktails are used to prevent proteolysis and dephosphorylation of proteins during extraction, sample preparation, and analysis. A variety of protease and phosphatase inhibitor cocktails as well as individual inhibitors are available to prevent sample degradation and preserve the native state of proteins during sample prep. Cocktails are designed and optimized for specific tissues including mammalian, plant, bacterial, and yeast.


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Protease inhibitors

During protein expression and isolation, endogenous proteases rapidly begin to degrade protein samples, reducing the quality and quantity of protein samples required for characterization and analysis. Protease inhibitor cocktails and highly specific protease inhibitors ensure protein integrity during protein extraction and preparation.

  • Options for general use, or tailored for use with bacterial cell extracts, mammalian cell and tissue extracts, cell culture media, plant cell and tissue extracts, or yeast and fungal extracts
  • Protect protein preparations from common proteases including serine proteases, metalloproteases, cysteine proteases, aminopeptidases, and aspartic proteases

Phosphatase inhibitors

In cell signaling, target proteins are phosphorylated by protein kinases that transfer a phosphate group to specific sites. These phosphate groups are removed by endogenous protein phosphatases upon cell lysis. Phosphatase inhibitors help preserve the activity and state of phosphoproteins during cell lysis and protein extraction.

  • Tailored for broad-spectrum use or protection against specific classes of phosphatases
  • Can be used with cell lysates and tissue extracts, including samples containing detergents

Roche cOmplete™ Inhibitor Cocktails

Roche offers a broad selection of convenient protease inhibitor cocktails as well as optimized lysis reagents to ensure maximum yields of intact and functional proteins.

  • Inhibit proteolytic activity in extracts from almost any tissue or cell type, including animals, plants, yeast, bacteria, and fungi
  • Convenient quick-dissolving tablets can be added to lysis buffer without weighing
  • Classic cOmplete™ Tablets from Roche for routine protein extraction and analysis
  • PhosSTOP™ Phosphatase Inhibitor Cocktail Tablets for inhibition of a broad spectrum of phosphatases across a wide range of samples (mammalian, plant, yeast, and bacteria
  • cOmplete™ ULTRA or cOmplete™ Tablets with PhosSTOP™ Tablets for comprehensive protection against both proteases and phosphatases