Prestige Antibodies®

Anti-KIF5B Prestige Antibodies® Produced in Rabbit. Highly characterized and validated Prestige Antibodies®.

With industry-leading antibody characterization and lot-specific testing, our polyclonal and monoclonal Prestige Antibodies® are designed to detect and target over 80% of the human proteome in immunohistochemistry (IHC), immunofluorescence (IF), western blot (WB), and other applications. Prestige Antibodies® undergo some of the most stringent validation and characterization available. Prestige Antibodies® are developed using open-access data from the Human Protein Atlas and validated using IHC, WB, ICC-IF, or RNA sequencing and compared to bioinformatic information and literature. Prestige Antibodies® are characterized via tissue microarrays in over 40 different normal human tissues, over 50 cell lines, and over 20 cancer types

What Makes Prestige Antibodies® Unique?

All Prestige Antibodies® undergo in-depth validation as well as characterization using the immense amount of supporting data from the Human Protein Atlas project. The low cross reactivity for Prestige Antibodies® to other proteins is the result of careful selection of antigen regions, affinity purification, and are validated and characterized in each application that the antibody has been demonstrated for use. Each antibody is characterized on a lot-to-lot basis with application-specific validation that includes IHC, IF, WB and or protein array assays.

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Enhanced Validation – Another Reason to Trust Prestige Antibodies®

In addition to the standard antibody validation methods to validate and characterize Prestige Antibodies®, we offer enhanced validation which is aligned to the pillars for antibody validation described by the International Working Group for Antibody Validation (IWGAV) for numerous antibodies. Many Prestige Antibodies® undergo one or more enhanced validation methods including genetic strategies, independent antibody verification, orthogonal validation using RNA-seq, and functional assay validation. Learn more about our Enhanced Validation.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Unless otherwise stated in the Product(s) specifications, any Antibody product is sold for internal research use only and may not be used for any other purpose, which includes but is not limited to, any commercial, diagnostic, or therapeutic use. Our validation processes pertain only to research uses and do not confirm or assure that our antibodies can be used for any unauthorized uses as set forth herein.