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Enhanced Validation Antibodies

Enhanced validation antibodies

The success of any immunodetection assay relies on the quality of the antibody and its ability to bind to the target antigen with high specificity for the intended application. Providing rigorous testing to ensure reliable results, each of our thousands of antibodies are supported by our standard antibody validation process to ensure consistency and high quality data. Additionally, In response to calls for more stringent corroboration of immunodetection application-based antibody validation, we are pleased to offer enhanced validation for many antibodies in our portfolio. Enhanced validation (EV) data that are now represented on our product pages align with several pillars for more rigorous specificity testing and are available for those antibodies in our catalog that carry the ‘EV’ symbol. All antibodies we offer that carry the ‘EV’ symbol will be accompanied by data resulting from one or more of the enhanced validation strategies.

Enhanced Antibody Validation Strategies

Researcher confidence in antibody selection, specificity, and the data generated from their use is largely dependent on the supplier’s characterization of the antibody in relevant research applications prior to researcher antibody selection and optimization. Subsequent experimental work based on erroneous

or misinterpreted immunodetection results poses significant risks that could lead to extensive misapplication of valuable resources and misdirected conclusions that have the potential to impact human lives.

Concern over appropriately thorough characterization by commercial vendors has been vocalized by the research community and as a result, there has been a call for improved practices. To address these challenges, our EV antibodies align to several of the pillars for enhanced validation as described below.

  • Recombinantly Expressed Antibodies – Engineered and manufactured using a recombinant expression system to deliver the superior specificity and affinity of a monoclonal and polyclonal with the lot-to-lot consistency of a recombinant antibody
  • Genetic Strategies - Showing antibody specificity through target knockout/knockdown methods
  • Independent Antibody Verification - Showing antibody specificity through multiple antibodies after, against and before the target
  • Orthogonal Validation Using RNA-Seq - Showing specificity through an antibody dependent method correlated with an antibody-independent method (RNA-Seq)
  • Functional Assay Validation - Demonstrating antibody specificity through immunodetection of experimentally induced changes in target antigen expression and or activity levels.
  • Expression/Overexpression Validation - Enhanced validation by overexpression of the target protein, preferably in a cell line that does not already express the protein
  • Immunocapture Followed by Mass Spectrometry (MS) Validation - Demonstrating antibody specificity using the antibody immunocapture technique followed by MS analysis