Chemical Biology Tools

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Bridge the gap between two scientific disciplines and advance your research with our best-in-class chemical biology tools and products.


Form the bonds between chemistry and biology.

Crosslinkers: A Variety of Linkers for a Variety of Biological Needs

We offer crosslinkers that vary in length, solubility and functional group reactivity.

  • Common bioconjugation linkers including NHS esters for amines or maleimide for thiols
  • Improved thiol coupling with APN reactivity
  • Enhanced solubility with sulfo-NHS esters and PEGylated linkers
  • Cleavable crosslinkers also available

We also provide crosslinkers designed for click chemistry reactivity.

  • Azide and alkyne linkers for copper click chemistry
  • Dibenzocyclooctyne (DBCO), azide, tetrazine or transcyclooctyne for copper-free click chemistry

Potassium Acyltrifluoroborates (KATs): A New Approach to Bioconjugation

As a unique class of functional groups, KATS:

  • Offer innovative approaches to protein conjugation and hydrogel formation
  • Undergo rapid, chemoselective amide-forming reactions under aqueous conditions without the need for activating agents or protecting groups

Late Stage Conjugation: Native Chemical Tagging of Bioactive Small Molecules

We offer Baran Diversinate crosslinkers with a metal sulfinate on one end to attach directly to otherwise inert C-H bonds and an azide on the other end for attaching to alkynes. We offer various alkyne and strained alkyne crosslinkers for attachment to the azide crosslinker.

Chemical Probes and Tools

Pinpoint your biological target.

Probe Building Blocks: Design Your Own Probe

With our selection of reactive groups, scaffolds, linkers and tags, you can design probes to include functionalities compatible for:

  • Target engagement
  • Enrichment
  • Fluorescence
  • Bioorthogonal chemistries

Target-Based Probes: Selective and Characterized

Choose from probes with high-specificity for one target or subset of a protein to provide insight into biological processes, protein activity and localization, and cell signaling networks.

Bioorthogonal Reporter Tags: Investigate Without Interference

Probes containing an alkyne, azide or tetrazine handle are paired with bioorthogonally compatible fluorescent or biotinylated tags

Baseclick EdU Cell Proliferation Monitoring Kits: Rapid Quantification of Cell Growth

Detect cell proliferation especially for in vivo experiments with the EdU nucleoside:

  • Nontoxic to animals
  • Directly incorporated into replicating DNA
  • Contains an alkyne handle for click chemistry labeling with azide florescent probes

Boger Serine Hydrolase Inhibitors: An Irreversible Bind

Access a library of molecules from the Dale Boger lab with broad spectrum inhibition of the serine hydrolase family. Tune the compounds to a desired reactivity and selectivity through functional group attachment at an amine site and develop inhibitors to specific subclasses of serine hydrolase enzymes.

Quorum Sensing Modulators: Interfere with Bacterial Signaling

Quorum sensing is a chemical communication mechanism used by many common bacteria. New quorum sensing modulators developed by the Helen Blackwell laboratory are some of the most potent inhibitors and activators reported for Gram-negative species.

DNA-Encoded Libraries

Accelerate your drug discovery with the DNA-encoded library (DEL) technology, an alternative approach to high-throughput screening (HTS) compound libraries for effective hit and lead discovery.

Leverage DNA-Encoded Fragment Library Technology for Drug Discovery

The fragment DEL from our partner DyNAbind provides an entire screening library in a single tube, making your drug discovery process faster, more effective, and less expensive. We’ve lowered the barriers to DyNAbind DEL technology to provide:

  • Off-the-shelf, affordable access to DEL technology
  • Dynamic fragment library for a revolutionary approach to screening with DELs
  • High-level quality control of every fragment component maximizes data reliability and validation of good hits
  • Rule-of-Three used in library design ensures compounds are in favorable fragment space with good ligand efficiency and plenty of room for optimization
  • Ability to perform and validate initial DEL screening internally before engaging service provider
  • A library with maximized diversity, ready to deploy against nearly any druggable target

We make ingenuity accessible for you so you can focus on bridging the gap between chemistry and biology. Breakthrough in your work and lead the scientific community into an emerging field backed by our best-in-class solutions and industry leadership.

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