Stericup® Vacuum Filtration

Stericup sterile filtration devices filter media and buffers for cell culture

Stericup® filtration devices have been the most trusted systems in media and buffer filtration for decades. The next-generation Stericup® Quick Release vacuum filtration devices present ergonomic design updates that optimize usability and streamline the filtration process, while protecting essential cell cultures with the renowned performance of Millipore® membranes.

The minds of Millipore® scientists don’t stop with the most reliable sterile filtration in the world. Our commitment to sustainability drove us to design a dependable sterile filter device that helps labs attain sustainability goals. Stericup® E and Steritop® E filters provide the same steadfast sterile filtration cell culturists worldwide have chosen for decades—but attach directly to commercial media bottles, eliminating the plastic filter funnel to reduce plastic waste up to 48%.

Stericup® Filters—Proven Millipore® Membrane Performance

Stericup® devices did not become the most trusted sterile filters in culture labs worldwide based on reputation alone. Stericup® devices feature:

  • Industry-leading membrane technology
  • High flow rate, to reduce filtration time
  • Low protein-binding and low fluid retention volumes that minimize loss of critical proteins, media, buffers, and reagents
  • Stem cell-tested Millipore Express® PLUS PES filters safeguard the viability of growth media

Stericup® Quick Release Design Innovations make Best-in-class Media Filtration Easier and more Convenient

While changes to the Stericup® device design provide enhanced user experience, the membranes inside them are still built on decades of reliable filtration and confidence in downstream analysis, assay development, and scientific reproducibility.
New design innovations include:

  • “Quick Release” filter funnel disengages from the receiver bottle with just a quarter turn, easing manipulation and reducing the likelihood of spillage.
  • Frosted writing surface on the bottle and lighter cap color facilitates convenient labeling and improved readability.
  • Click-seal cap enables a secure grip in dry or wet conditions. A ‘stop’ you can feel confirms the receiver bottle cap is correctly sealed.

Membrane Chemistry and Pore Size Mean Fit-for-Purpose Filtration, for any Application

Stericup® and Steritop® filter devices feature diverse membrane chemistries, with pore sizes to suit the sterile culture media requirements of any lab.

  • Fastest flow and low protein-binding of aqueous solutions with Millipore Express® and Express® Plus polyethersulfone (PES) membrane devices
  • Fast flow and low protein-binding Mixed Cellulose Esters (MCE)
  • Polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) provides broad chemical compatibility and very low protein-binding
  • Pore sizes in 0.45, 0.22 microns to balance sterilization needs with desired flow rate──and a 0.1 μm pore option for mycoplasma elimination
Stericup® E and Steritop® E devices are a greener choice for dependable sterile filtration

Feeling Green? Stericup® and Steritop® E Filters Use Less Plastic and Packaging

Our engineers found a device design that retains exceptional Stericup® filtration while providing your lab a way to dramatically reduce the use of disposable plastic and packaging materials. Whether your goal is a green lab certification, or just a smaller footprint, both the Stericup® E and Steritop® E filters are designed to ensure trouble-free cell culture, while diminishing environmental impact in multiple ways.

Stericup® E devices flip sterile filtration on its head—literally. We’ve eliminated the need for the plastic filler funnel by creating a way to attach standard media bottles or glassware directly onto the filter unit. Simply invert the Stericup® E filter/receiver bottle assembly and thread onto the bottle containing media or buffer. Flip the assembly over, attach to vacuum, and watch sterile filtration happen. The Steritop® E device saves even more plastic by allowing you to attach the filter to your own compatible, reusable labware receiver bottle before threading onto the bottle containing unfiltered media.

Stericup filters filter fast, with low protein

Figure 1.Stericup® filters provide fast flow rate with low protein retention

Stericup® E and Steritop® E filters provide significant waste reduction to help labs achieve sustainability goals:

  • Up to 26% reduction in plastic waste for Stericup® E devices, and up to 48% plastic reduction for Steritop® E filters when compared with traditional plastic filters
  • Because devices are smaller, packaging is reduced by up to 48% for Stericup® E filters, and by 69% for Steritop® E devices

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