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Amersham QuickStain Protein Labeling Kit


Cytiva RPN4000

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General description

Amersham QuickStain enables protein detection directly after SDS-PAGE or transfer. Supports Western blot normalization for quantitative Western blotting.
  • Quick SDS-PAGE analysis: Prelabel protein samples with ready-to-use Cy5 dye for quick, sensitive detection without gel staining and destaining
  • Easy Western blot normalization: Use standard 30 min protocol for quantitative Western blotting results; avoids the need for loading controls
  • Wide sample range: Effectively label complex samples or pure proteins from 1 μg/mL to 20 mg/mL, so no need to pre-measure protein concentrations
  • Good sensitivity: As sensitive as silver staining with wider dynamic range
  • Broad dynamic range: Simultaneously detect main band and impurity levels as low as 0.1% intensity of main band, using a fluorescence scanner or imager
  • Versatility: Load samples onto self-poured gels or a variety of commercial gels; possible because most materials have low Cy5 fluorescence

Choose between two quick labeling protocols
Amersham QuickStain is based on Cy5 NHS ester labeling of reactive amino groups in proteins. First, dilute protein samples 10-fold in the optimized labeling buffer. Then, add a fixed amount of Cy5. Incubate for 5 min at 95°C for qualitative analysis or 30 min at room temperature for quantitative applications.

Legal Information

Amersham is a trademark of Cytiva

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10 - Combustible liquids



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Not applicable

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