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Material Matters Issues

Technology Spotlights

Biosensing and Bioimaging

  • New! TokeOni: Properties and Applications
  • AIE Luminogens: A Family of New Materials with Multifaceted Functionalities
  • Single-Walled Carbon Nanohorns: Manufacturing, Material Properties, and Applications
  • Applications of Graphene Oxide and Reduced Graphene Oxide
  • Graphene Inks for Printed Electronics
  • Polydiacetylene Nanotubes (PDNTs)
  • CoMoCAT® Carbon Nanotubes
  • Electronic and Biomedical Applications of High-Purity Single-Walled Nanotubes
  • Properties and Applications of Single-, Double- and Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes
  • Gold Nanostructures: Properties and Applications
  • Gold Nanoparticles: Properties and Applications
  • Silver Nanoparticles: Properties and Applications
  • Quantum Dots

Flexible Organic Transistors

  • Organic Field Effect Transistors Based on DNTT and Related Organic Semiconductors
  • Plexcore® Organic Conductive Inks
  • Solution Processable Polytriarylamine Semiconductors
  • Thin Film Transistor Device Preparation and Performance
  • TIPS Pentacene: Dip Coating Procedure
  • Carborane Thiols: A New Family of Self-Assembly Materials
  • Molecular Self-Assembly on Gold Using Thioacetates
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