FoCo: a simple and robust quantification algorithm of nuclear foci.

BMC bioinformatics (2015-11-22)
Anastasiya Lapytsko, Gabriel Kollarovic, Lyubomira Ivanova, Maja Studencka, Jörg Schaber

The number of γH2AX foci per nucleus is an accepted measure of the number of DNA double-strand breaks in single cells. One of the experimental techniques for γH2AX detection in cultured cells is immunofluorescent labelling of γH2AX and nuclei followed by microscopy imaging and analysis. In this study, we present the algorithm FoCo for reliable and robust automatic nuclear foci counting in single cell images. FoCo has the following advantages with respect to other software packages: i) the ability to reliably quantify even densely distributed foci, e.g., on images of cells subjected to radiation doses up to 10 Gy, ii) robustness of foci quantification in the sense of suppressing out-of-focus background signal, and iii) its simplicity. FoCo requires only 5 parameters that have to be adjusted by the user. FoCo is an open-source user-friendly software with GUI for individual foci counting, which is able to produce reliable and robust foci quantifications even for low signal/noise ratios and densely distributed foci.

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Indole, analytical standard
Indole, ≥99%, FG
Indole, ≥99%
DAPI, for nucleic acid staining