[Mitokorrektine stimulates angiogenesis in vitro].

Fiziolohichnyi zhurnal (Kiev, Ukraine : 1994) (2013-07-05)
L V Harmanchuk, O M Makarenko, N M Khranovs'ka, T V Nikolaienko, V V Nikulina, Kh D Nepyĭvoda, L I Ostapchenko, S H Morozov, M S Kositsyn

The effect of mitokorrectine (complex native oligopeptides isolated from neonatal pig brain) on endothelial cells in culture was investigated. It was revealed that the drug concentration-dependently induces angiogenesis in vitro. Mitogen effect of Mitokorrectine was shown by MTT-test and routine cell count in concentration diapason (0.1-1 mg/ml) which means an increased number of cells by 25 +/- 5% and cell subpopulation of proliferative pool (G2/M+S) 1,8 times in concentration diapason mitokorrectine (0.01-0.05 mg/ml) in comparison with control. In 3-D culture and in stationary phase we detected induction of differentiation of endothelial cells, a decrease the level of NO production and enhancement of glucose metabolism and stimulation of formation of capillary-like tubes.