Multiphasic electrophoresis with diversified spacers.

Electrophoresis (1990-10-01)
A Bringard, R Charlionet

The principle and some applications of multiphasic electrophoresis with diversified spacers are described. The method combines previously published concepts of introducing highly diversified spacers into the stack of an isotachophoretic system with the theory of snow- and telescope-electrophoresis. The link between this electrophoretic method and isotachophoresis on the one hand and monophasic zone electrophoresis on the other hand is exemplified. The importance of the nature of the spacers as well as of the pH and ions in the leading and terminating zone is illustrated. Details are given concerning the experimental set-up. This electrophoretic technique could serve as an alternative to isoelectric focusing.

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N,N′-Methylenebisacrylamide, suitable for electrophoresis (after filtration or allowing insolubles to settle)