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T M Jeitner et al.
Journal of neurochemistry, 79(5), 1109-1112 (2001-12-12)
Pathological-length polyglutamine (Q(n)) expansions, such as those that occur in the huntingtin protein (htt) in Huntington's disease (HD), are excellent substrates for tissue transglutaminase in vitro, and transglutaminase activity is increased in post-mortem HD brain. However, direct evidence for the
Induction of ROS-independent JNK-activation-mediated apoptosis by a novel coumarin-derivative, DMAC, in human colon cancer cells.
Lin MH, Cheng CH, Chen KC, et al.
Chemico-Biological Interactions, 218, 42-49 (2014)
Pelin Onsekizoglu Bagci et al.
Journal of food science, 80(9), N2071-N2078 (2015-08-05)
Gold nanoparticles (AuNPs) were synthesized at room temperature following a simple, rapid, and green route using fresh-squeezed apple juice as a reducing reagent. The optimal AuNPs, based on the particle color, stability, and color change suitable for colorimetric detection of
Huabing Li et al.
PloS one, 10(8), e0136183-e0136183 (2015-08-27)
Carbon steels are widely used in the oil and gas industry from downhole tubing to transport trunk lines. Microbes form biofilms, some of which cause the so-called microbiologically influenced corrosion (MIC) of carbon steels. MIC by sulfate reducing bacteria (SRB)
Byung Sun Park et al.
Journal of neurochemistry, 132(2), 230-242 (2014-08-16)
Hydrogen sulfide (H2 S) functions as a physiological gas transmitter in both normal and pathophysiological cellular events. H2 S is produced from substances by three enzymes: cystathionine β-synthase (CBS), cystathionine γ-lyase (CSE), and 3-mercaptopyruvate sulfurtransferase (MST). In human tissues, these
Melissa A Badding et al.
PloS one, 9(6), e101310-e101310 (2014-07-01)
Welding processes that generate fumes containing toxic metals, such as hexavalent chromium (Cr(VI)), manganese (Mn), and nickel (Ni), have been implicated in lung injury, inflammation, and lung tumor promotion in animal models. While federal regulations have reduced permissible worker exposure
Mahesh Kumar Verma et al.
SpringerPlus, 3, 251-251 (2014-06-18)
Apart from elevated glucose, triglyceride and cholesterol, elevated levels of serum free-fatty acid (FFA) are observed in diabetic patients. Increased FFA load can cause multiple dysregulation which are collectively known as lipotoxicity. Impacts of FFA induced lipotoxicity were evaluated on
Thomas F Palmberger et al.
International journal of pharmaceutics, 491(1-2), 318-322 (2015-06-23)
Recently, the cationic polymer thiolated chitosan has been reported to modulate drug absorption by inhibition of intestinal efflux pumps. The objective of this study was to evaluate in vitro and in vivo whether thiolated anionic biopolymers also show an efflux
Helena Lucena-Padrós et al.
Food microbiology, 53(Pt B), 53-62 (2015-12-19)
The presence and enumeration of halophilic and alkaliphilic bacteria in Spanish-style table-olive fermentations was studied. Twenty 10-tonne fermenters at two large manufacturing companies in Spain, previously studied through both culture dependent and independent (PCR-DGGE) methodologies, were selected. Virtually all this
Thomas Nauser et al.
Biochemistry, 53(30), 5017-5022 (2014-07-08)
Thioredoxin reductases, important biological redox mediators for two-electron transfers, contain either 2 cysteines or a cysteine (Cys) and a selenocysteine (Sec) at the active site. The incorporation of Sec is metabolically costly, and therefore surprising. We provide here a rationale:
Xuerui Yao et al.
Theriogenology, 151, 66-73 (2020-04-21)
Zearalenone (ZEA), which is produced by several fusarium mycotoxins, is found in animal feed and food products, and can exert estrogen-like activity. Melatonin (MT) is emerging as a supplement that can fight the toxic effects of mycotoxins. With a variety
Alok Pandey et al.
The Journal of biological chemistry, 288(52), 36773-36786 (2013-11-13)
For iron-sulfur (Fe-S) cluster synthesis in mitochondria, the sulfur is derived from the amino acid cysteine by the cysteine desulfurase activity of Nfs1. The enzyme binds the substrate cysteine in the pyridoxal phosphate-containing site, and a persulfide is formed on
Harsimran Singh et al.
The Journal of biological chemistry, 288(51), 36189-36200 (2013-11-08)
Fe-S clusters are critical metallocofactors required for cell function. Fe-S cluster biogenesis is carried out by assembly machinery consisting of multiple proteins. Fe-S cluster biogenesis proteins work together to mobilize sulfide and iron, form the nascent cluster, traffic the cluster
Mathieu Taveau et al.
Molecular and cellular biology, 23(24), 9127-9135 (2003-12-04)
Calpain 3 (Capn3) is known as the skeletal muscle-specific member of the calpains, a family of intracellular nonlysosomal cysteine proteases. This enigmatic protease has many unique features among the calpain family and, importantly, mutations in Capn3 have been shown to
Masaru Wada et al.
Applied microbiology and biotechnology, 73(1), 48-54 (2006-10-06)
L-Cysteine is an important amino acid both biologically and commercially. Although most amino acids are commercially produced by fermentation, cysteine is mainly produced by protein hydrolysis. However, synthetic or biotechnological products have been preferred in the market. Biotechnological processes for
N M Kredich et al.
Ciba Foundation symposium, (72)(72), 87-99 (1979-01-01)
In Salmonella typhimurium and Escherichia coli the biosynthesis of L-cysteine from L-serine and inorganic sulphate proceeds along a branched convergent pathway along one arm of which sulphate is reduced to sulphide, while on the other L-serine is acetylated to O-acetyl-L-serine.
Koryn A Carver et al.
American journal of physiology. Cell physiology, 307(11), C989-C998 (2014-07-25)
Mammals have circadian variation in blood pressure, heart rate, vascular tone, thrombotic tendency, and cerebral blood flow (CBF). These changes may be in part orchestrated by circadian variation in clock gene expression within cells comprising the vasculature that modulate blood
Veronika Seiberlich et al.
Glia, 63(9), 1621-1635 (2015-04-08)
Oligodendrocytes, the myelin forming cells of the CNS, are characterized by their numerous membranous extensions, which enwrap neuronal axons and form myelin sheaths. During differentiation oligodendrocytes pass different morphological stages, downregulate the expression of the proteoglycan NG2, and acquire major
Rebecca Lamb et al.
Oncotarget, 6(7), 4585-4601 (2015-02-12)
We have used an unbiased proteomic profiling strategy to identify new potential therapeutic targets in tumor-initiating cells (TICs), a.k.a., cancer stem cells (CSCs). Towards this end, the proteomes of mammospheres from two breast cancer cell lines were directly compared to
Anna Wonnerth et al.
Metabolism: clinical and experimental, 63(5), 647-653 (2014-03-19)
Interleukin-6 (IL-6) is a key cytokine in inflammatory diseases. It exerts its biological function via binding to a homodimer of its signal transducer glycoprotein 130 (gp130). Soluble gp130 (sgp130) is the natural inhibitor of IL-6 trans-signalling. The aim of this
[Targeted effect profile - proven effectiveness].
MMW Fortschritte der Medizin, 155(5), 70-71 (2013-05-10)
Jason S McLellan et al.
Science (New York, N.Y.), 342(6158), 592-598 (2013-11-02)
Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) is the leading cause of hospitalization for children under 5 years of age. We sought to engineer a viral antigen that provides greater protection than currently available vaccines and focused on antigenic site Ø, a metastable
L Zhang et al.
Neurogastroenterology and motility : the official journal of the European Gastrointestinal Motility Society, 27(9), 1274-1281 (2015-06-20)
The aim of the present study was to investigate whether the synthesis of endogenous hydrogen sulfide (H2 S) was altered in achalasia patients and to determine the effects of H2 S on esophageal motility. (1) Tissue samples in lower esophageal
Jin-Ting Zhang et al.
Oncology reports, 14(6), 1519-1522 (2005-11-08)
Particularly interesting new cysteine-histidine rich protein (PINCH), an adapter protein involved in integrin and growth factor signalling, is up-regulated in the stroma of colorectal, breast, prostate, lung and skin cancer. Strong stromal immunostaining for PINCH is an independent prognostic indicator
Pedro L Martinez-Espinosa et al.
eLife, 4 (2015-11-13)
Two mammalian genes, Kcnt1 and Kcnt2, encode pore-forming subunits of Na(+)-dependent K(+) (KNa) channels. Progress in understanding KNa channels has been hampered by the absence of specific tools and methods for rigorous KNa identification in native cells. Here, we report
Eun Young Park et al.
Journal of agricultural and food chemistry, 62(26), 6183-6189 (2014-06-01)
The present study examined the impact of the supplementation of glutathione (GSH), γ-L-glutamyl-L-cysteinyl-glycine, on human blood GSH levels. Healthy human volunteers were orally supplemented with GSH (50 mg/kg body weight). Venous blood was collected from the cubital vein before and
Sujoy Dutta et al.
PloS one, 9(5), e97580-e97580 (2014-05-17)
Exosomes are nanovesicles originating from multivesicular bodies and are released by all cell types. They contain proteins, lipids, microRNAs, mRNAs and DNA fragments, which act as mediators of intercellular communications by inducing phenotypic changes in recipient cells. Tumor-derived exosomes have
Luc A Cynober
Nutrition (Burbank, Los Angeles County, Calif.), 18(9), 761-766 (2002-09-26)
The plasma concentration of an amino acid (AA) is the result of its rates of appearance (Ra) in and disappearance (Rd) from plasma. As for most nutrients, AA Ra and Rd are tightly regulated and at the postabsorptive state Ra
Pravin Kesarwani et al.
Cancer research, 74(21), 6036-6047 (2014-08-29)
Ex vivo-expanded CD8(+) T cells used for adoptive immunotherapy generally acquire an effector memory-like phenotype (TEM cells). With regard to therapeutic applications, two undesired features of this phenotype in vivo are limited persistence and reduced antitumor efficacy, relative to CD8(+)
Matthias Fellner et al.
Analytical biochemistry, 459, 56-60 (2014-05-27)
A fast and easy method for enzyme activity assays using the chromogenic Ellman reagent, 5,5'-dithiobis(2-nitrobenzoic acid), was developed. The method was used to measure the activity of the nonheme mono-iron enzyme cysteine dioxygenase. Quantifying the depletion of the substrate, cysteine
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