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Vitamin Standards
Discover our selection of all water- and fat-soluble vitamin standards, from analytical standard to pharmaceutical reference standard purity grade for your various applications involving HPLC and GC instruments.
HPLC Analysis of Vitamin D2 and D3 on Ascentis® Express C18
This application demonstrates the suitability of the Ascentis Express C18, 5 μm, for the routine analysis of the fat-soluble vitamins D2 and D3 . Structures along with the optimized chromatogram obtained on the Ascentis Express C18, 5 μm are presented.
Food & Cosmetic Component Standards
Explore our wide selection of analytical standards and certified reference materials (CRMs) for food and beverage, cosmetic, and personal care products, including flavors, fragrances, essential oils, toxins, UV-blockers, sweeteners, and organic acids.
Analytical Reference Materials for the Pharma Industry
From dissolution testing to fill and formulation, explore a vast portfolio of Reference Materials to support your analytical workflow across the drug manufacturing process.
Pharmacopeia & Metrological Institutes Standards
Discover our extensive selection of pharmacopeia and national metrology institute standards belonging to USP, EP, British Pharmacopoeia, BAM, NIST, NMIA, and IRMM/BCR for quality control in pharma laboratories and industries.