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Introduction to SDS-PAGE - Separation of Proteins Based on Size
Introduction to PAGE. Learn about SDS-PAGE background and protocol for the separation of proteins based on size in a poly-acrylamide gel.
Stripping and Reprobing Western Blotting Membranes
This page shows and discusses three protocols for stripping and reprobing a western blot membrane.
Stock Components for Western Blot Stripping Solutions
This calculator enables the accurate preparation of stock components for the detergent-based Western blot stripping solution for any volume that you need.
Acidic Western Blot Stripping Solution
This recipe for acidic stripping solution enables the removal of antibodies from Western blots that have been developed with chemiluminescence or radioactive iodine or other isotopes.
4X SDS Sample Loading Buffer for Western Blotting
Accurately calculate the amounts of each component for this 4X SDS sample loading buffer recipe for any volume.
We offer a broad range of biological detergents and surfactants, including REACH-compliant biodegradable alternatives, for use in cell lysis, DNA/RNA electrophoresis, Western blotting, transfection, and many other life science research applications.